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10 Jun 2016

C.B. Busser "Movies"1978 Swiss,Symphonic Prog

 C.B. Busser  "Movies" 1978 Swiss,Symphonic Prog


C.B. Busser was the leader of Whipping Post, with whom he had a brief but prolific career in late-70’s.Parallel to his work with his band though Busser had decided to put down his own ideas on an exhibition of solo albums released from 1978 and on.His first work “Movies” was released that year on his own private Musk Projekt label.Apart from a couple of guests on specific tracks, Busser plays everything on the album, including bass, guitars, electric and acoustic piano, organ and Mellotron.Recordings took place during a week of March 78’ at Sunrise Studios in Kirchberg.

This was one of the most convincing works Busser was involved in, actually “Movies” was pretty close to a Symphonic Rock sound with dashes of Psychedelic and Library Music and plenty of jazzy twists.As he was never a trully efficient singer, the man decided to create a vastly instrumental work, signed by his omnipresent performance on Mellotron, which is a pretty good reason to track down this record.The album has this romantic, Teutonic touch you can find in several albums of SCHICKE, FUHRS & FROHLING, INDIGO or NOVALIS albums, albeit a bit more relaxed and lacking any tendency towards bombastic or dense executions.The atmosphere here is rather laid-back, featuring grandiose orchestral Mellotron and some organ vibes, supported by acoustic guitars and a few sweet electric soloing.The 9 minutes of “The Escape, part I and II” show Busser’s deep musical background, this one contains elements from symphonic and Avant-Garde Music, passing through psychedelic, spacey, exprerimental and Classical soundscapes in a very intricate amalgam of styles.Certain tracks do have a jazzier flavor, like the almost funky “The leader” with the bluesy guitars, orchestral keys and the great ending solo, or the almost CAMEL-esque “Turkey in the corn” with the jazzy piano, inventive rhythms, folky percussion and Eastern-like melodies, decent pieces with a twisting Fusion touch and a richer sound compared to the bulk of the album.

Decent album of underground Swiss Prog.The most surprising thing about it is the huge Mellotron display, but soundwise it is also a very good effort with an orchestral/symphonic sound, similar to German similar-sounding groups, flavored with some Fusion cuts.Recommended……..

    Bloody Cries
    To Helena
    The Leader
    The Earle
    On the Day My Father Died
    Turkey in the Corn
    The Escape  

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