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11 Jun 2016

Clockwork “Clockwork”1973 US Psych Rock,R n`B,Funk

Clockwork “Clockwork ” 1973 US Psych Rock,R n`B,Funk

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SUPER SUPER RARE original 1973 prog psych LP from the mysterious Clockwork, who, by the looks of the lone photograph on the inner gatefold, consisted of six slightly chubby dudes with Mark Volman hair and one guy who coulda been Phil Collins’ stunt double.  Which is not to imply that they had trouble getting chicks or anything, I mean, even ugly bands get chicks if they play great music.  Just ask any Smithereens fan.  The record label musta had faith in ‘em, 'cuz they decked this thing out in one of the most elaborate die-cut jackets I’ve seen, and it looks gorgeous.  As does the label itself, by the way.  But what the hey, this ain’t a graphic design and marketing lecture, is it?  You’re here for the music.  Sure, it’s rare as hens teeth, and the only other one currently on Ebay has a buy-it-now price of eight hundred friggin’ dollars “or best offer.”  And do you really think he’s even gonna mull over your 40 dollar offer for one second?  So you’re asking, is the Clockwork album worth it?  Does it live up to the Ebay hype?  Or at least whatever hype you’ve heard among the five people who’ve actually heard it?  Well, yeah, it is a good record.  The fuzzy hairy hard rock “Music Box” opens it on a good note. And then there’s a really nice prog/psych take on “Hazy Shade of Winter” that kinda approaches the song in the same way one of those 1968 Capitol label bands might’ve - Gandalf, Common People, Corporation.   They find their own sound on the five-minute “After Today,” a nice stoned mellow harmony pop vibe with a cool sax solo and some stellar drum work.  Kinda like Steely Dan meets the Mandrake Memorial, or weedburning psychedelia meets 1973.  And the whole thing raps up with a superb take on Stephen Stills’ classic “Rock 'n’ Roll Woman,” which once again proves these cats would probably rather be in 1967.  Can’t say I blame them either what with all that Mark Volman hair.  And the chicks were easier too, or so they say.  Now is it worth the price of a new Barcolounger or marble countertops for the kitchen?  Or a used '77 Vega with rust on the fenders?  I say yes.  But click on the sound bytes and decide for yourself.  And let me know the mileage on that Vega…..

• Jimmy and The Soulblazers (also known as Change and Clockwork) are an American soul and funk band from Alliance, Ohio. Since 1966 they have played for audiences across the East Coast and Midwest of the United States.
• Signed with Kapp Records (a division of MCA Records, now Universal Music Group) in 1970 as Change, they released two singles. In 1972, they called themselves The Joneses, and combined their Motown and R&B with more rock songs and their own compositions. Although they were still performing as The Joneses, in 1973 they released a supposedly self-titled album of original songs and covers, Clockwork on Greene Bottle Records, a division of Famous Music. Clockwork was re-released in 2010, on the Homespun Records label.
• Their vocals and musicianship have kept them a regional favorite for many years. In 2002, a new album, It’s About Time, was released. A mixture of Motown hits with a few lesser known soul tunes, it also featured the Soulblazers’ longtime cover of “Goin’ Out of My Head” a Little Anthony tune , “With A Little Help From My Friends”, a Joe Cocker cover, and a cover of “Grazin’ In The Grass.” They also have added a horn section to their lineup. The band has spawned other groups such as Copperfield…Avenue…Agatha Brooke….PW Blues Band …Sorge Brothers Band…and Groove Warehaus….

Gary Zeigler - Bass
Dave Sorge - Guitar
Mike Bugara - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Duruttya - Horn, Vocals
Jim Korleski - Vocals, Keybdoard
Bill McCrea - Vocals, Percussion
Jim Miller - Harmonica
John Sineri - Drums

 • Side One:
A1. Music Box (M. Bugara / B. McCrea) - 04:09
A2. Hazy Shade of Winter (P. Simon) - 02:30
A3. Nothing Left For Me (M. Bugara / B. McCrea) - 02:50
A4. Hitchcock Railway (D.L. Dunn / T.L. McCashew) - 03:41
A5. After Today (J. Korleski) - 04:48
 • Side Two:
B1. Now That You Know (M. Duruttya) - 04:41
B2. Bye Bye Lady (M. Duruttya / J. Korleski) - 05:15
B3. Country Side Woman (M. Bugara / B. McCrea) - 04:20
B4. Rock “N” Roll Woman (S. Stills) - 03:36  

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