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10 Jun 2016

Concern “America, Where Are You?"1973 US Private Xian Psych folk

Concern  “America, Where Are You?"  1973 US  Private Xian Psych folk

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Another super scarce one with something like a 200-300 press I’ve heard. On America, Where Are You? the former Guitar Ensemble (now renamed Concern) duplicates seven of their best songs from the You-N-You sessions plus a couple from Have Faith. But it’s the previously unheard tracks that are the real treat here. The addition of electric guitar to all four songs pushes the group’s sound further in the rock direction. At the same time the organ is given more prominence in the mix, making their previously subtle psych edge noticeably more distinct. The opener ‘Lone Man’s Plea’ has a cool wah-wah thing going down coupled with dizzying organ – a sound not too distant from Azitis. ‘Clap Your Hands’ employs a catchy mid-tempo banjo-plunking rhythm, followed by the mesmerizing ballad ‘Abortion’ where the soft-psych vibe is in top form. Add the sharp marching hippie beat of the title track and you could potentially even snag a Jefferson Airplane fan or two. Comes in a very plain-looking red cover with the title in white, the back of similar design with exclamations of “Unity!”, “Sharing!”, “Abortion!”, “Identity!”, “Prejudice!” and “Pollution!”.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott). ........

A1 Lone Man's Plea 
Written By – Dave Abercrombie 
A2 Close To Me 
Written By – Ernesto Coca, Mary Kay Johnsen 
A3 Clap Your Hands 
Written By – Eloy Montoya 
A4 Abortion 
Written By – Eloy Montoya 
A5 This Is A Man 
Written By – Bob Rivas 
A6 America, Where Are You Now? 
Written By – Eloy Montoya 
B1 The You In You 
Written By – Bob Rivas 
B2 The Answer 
Written By – Bob Rivas 
B3 Have Faith 
Written By – Bob Rivas 
B4 Don't Say Love 
Written By – Bob Rivas 
B5 The Call 
Written By – Bob Rivas 
B6 Hear O Lord 
Written By – Ray Repp 
B7 Greensleeves 3:39 

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