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10 Jun 2016

Cream “Live at Ricky Tick” Hounslow West London 22- 04-1967 bootleg

 Cream “Live at Ricky Tick” Hounslow West London 22- 04-1967 bootleg


This bootleg was originally dated as 15th January 1967. I recognised that this could not be correct and redated it as 22nd April which has now been confirmed by John Platt.
At the end of March/early April Cream had performed in New York on the Murray the K show. They had then moved to Atlantic studios to record a single. But what was probably of more significance was that they dropped Acid at the “Be-In” in Central Park on Sunday 2nd April. They were booked to record an album in New York during May. On their return to England they began working up more original material.
The “Ricky Tick” was a circuit of various venues (pubs, clubs, halls, and cinemas) around UK. This gig was well recorded a friend of the band. The balance is good with the bass relatively clear, though the drums are drowned on occasions. Volume levels are very high but the quality of the recording equipment was up to it.
A few interesting points: Eric swaps between Les Paul and ‘SG’, Jack is playing the Danelectro Longhorn and they are in very fine humour.
  1. Sunshine of Your Love  
  2. Hey Lawdy Mama  
  3. Sweet Wine  
  4. Rollin’ and Tumblin  
  5. Spoonful  
  6. Sitting on Top of the World  
  7. Toad  
  8. Hey Lawdy Mama  
  9. Meet Me in the Bottom  
  10. Crossroads* 
  11. Stepping Out  
  12. Got My Mojo Workingt
  13. Louise 

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