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11 Jun 2016

David Chalmers “Primeval Road”1976 US Private Acid Psych Rock

David Chalmers “Primeval Road”  1976 US Private Acid Psych Rock


Chalmers is known as a hot guitarist, but his first album is a refreshing departure from the “guitar hero” mold. His vocals are soft and appealing, the songs are subtle, the guitar playing is terrific (but tasteful and subdued), and the arrangements include plenty of acoustic guitar and piano. At times this is more like a folk-rock or singer songwriter album than a heavy guitar record. The often moody songwriting is as strong as the performances. Highly recommended. The first version of the album starts with two hot guitar rockers that are missing from the second edition, making the softer songs on side two a bit of a surprise. The second edition replaces these two songs with a gorgeous, dreamy ballad that’s probably his best song of all. Since this song comes first, this edition of the album has a completely different feel than the first. If “Primeval Road” is ever released on CD, hopefully all songs from both versions will be included. by ACID ARCHIVES  ...............

A1 Houston 3:46 
A2 Snow White Horse 3:13 
A3 Hotel Room 4:00 
A4 Stage Coach 4:46 
A5 Don't Want To Go Home 6:13 
B1 Drivers Wheel 3:22 
B2 Primeval Road 7:35 
B3 I Don't Want To Talk About It 4:11 
B4 Function Clan 4:54 

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