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11 Jun 2016

Epizootic “Daybreak” 1976 Private Swedish Heavy Prog

 Epizootic “Daybreak”  1976  mega rare Private Swedish Heavy Prog

full album


 Epizootic - an epidemic in animals … That’s what this group called itself the Swedes from Gothenburg (Göteborg). Album - the only one. In 1979, members of this group Pär Ericsson and Bengt Fischer created a heavy metal band EF Band (Ericson-Fischer Band) … About music Epizootic - it is quite interesting and unique, but not a masterpiece. Sharp and heavy sound suggestive of hard rock. Complex compositional structures indicate prog-rock in the early works. Heading into the improvisational jazz-rock completely confusing picture … Vocal - in English......

Epizootic HAS WEIRD NAME THAT BECAUSE IT IS A SWEDISH BAND THAT JUST ONE ALBUM RECORDED IN 1976 WITH THE NAME OF DAYBREAK, a good album that has ten tracks, and more striking is the contrast of musical themes within a single song! In some songs the musical structure're closer to hard rock, but the constants rhythm changes make us doubt whether we can fit in this category! The sound changes a lot within their own songs, which brings a difficulty in with certainty the music category of the guys, or if it's hard, progressive, well ... perhaps we have mixed all the songs the band Epizootic! It is a very ambitious musical project, but on the other hand sounds a bit amateur! To me this gives a special charm in hearing! The band includes enhanced among its instruments electric piano and flute and a high level of complexity to the style! Unfortunately the vocals leave something to be desired, but this is not even matter that much! Certainly, in general it is a good band!..............

This very rare album was Epizootic's only studio record. It hasn't been reissued on vinyl yet so if you want to get the vinyl pressing of this record you need to pay pretty much for the original. Musically the album is mostly instrumental progressive rock with some clear hard rocking parts here and there. The songs have English lyrics and the singer does a decent job but he could be better as well. 

In my opinion Daybreak is a three stars albums. My favourite song is probably "Pluto" if I have to choose one. This is not one of my favourite Swedish albums and bands but it's still a pretty nice listen. Nothing very unique

Apparently a short-lived Swedish band, the only album of which consistently hits high triple-digit bucks in auctions.Epizootic hailed from Goeteborg and were Par Ericsson on vocals/bass/flute/glockenspiel, Bengt Fischer on guitar, Lars Liljegren on piano/synthesizer/vocals and Lars Johansson on drums.Their only album was titled ''Daybreak'', recorded at Goeteborg Sound Studio and released as a private press in 1976. 

Epizootic played a very raw Hard Prog with minor psychedelic and jazzy touches, propelled by a frenetic guitarist like Bengt Fischer and his rough electric solos and riffs.But they added some more spices in their music, like the constant presence of electric piano and the sporadic flute leaks.Their sound was close to a Proto-Metal style with an epic atmosphere and lots of mascular instrumental parts with breaks and tempo changes.Unfortunately the production is of a garage-type recording and the English vocals are also below average.Focus better on the music, which is often stunning and contains plenty of surprises, despite the raw sound.There are some jamming parts, jazzy flavors, bluesy soloing and occasional use of synthesizer for a lighter atmosphere at moments and the material sounds more flexible and interesting with each listening.Several tracks are of coming out of a straight Hard Rock matrix filled with riffs and solos, but the longer ones contain definitely a good amount of progressive tunes. 

After their experience with Epizootic Fischer and Ericsson found the Heavy Metal act EF Band, which was active during the 80's.Lars Liljegren later played with Ragnarök and Triangulus.Unfortunately Fischer died in 2001 due to cancer complications. 

Rough-edged Hard Prog from Sweden, recalling more of a basement production than a proper recording.The music though is always powerful and interesting with some fine instrumental ideas.Recommended, if you have the bucks to track down an original

01. Epizootic - 2:41
02. Sunset, Emotion - 3:27
03. Eye Ball - 5:16
04. Fantacy - 5:03
05. Daybreak - 2:59
06. What Mercy Is This - 3:12
07. Indian Reservation - 5:26
08. Pictures Of All Ordinary Life - 4:45
09. Pluto - 4:55
10. Sinbad - 3:56

- Pär Ericsson - vocals, bass, flute, glockenspiel
- Bengt Fischer - guitar
- Lars Liljegren - piano, synthesizers, vocals
- Lars Johansson - drums, percussion

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