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9 Jun 2016

Fairfield Ski “Fairfield Ski" 1973 UK Melodic Prog Rock

Fairfield Ski “Fairfield Ski"  1973  UK Melodic Prog Rock

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Birmingham’s Fairfield Ski are one of the greatest lost UK psych/prog bands ever. With a line- up which included ex- Terry Reid’s band Bill Bonham (cousin of Led Zepp John Bonham) on keyboards, their only recorded legacy is one of the rarest artifacts from the first UK psych- prog era: only 3 copies are known to exist of the Fairfield Ski acetate album, recorded in 1973 at top London studios such as Trident, Abbey Road and Apple. A perfectly played and professionally produced record which ranges from full- blown psychedelia to glam, hard- rock, progressive- pop and dreamy psych. Echoes of Forever Amber, Five Day Rain, Octopus, Deep Purple, Procol Harum, “Abbey Road” era Beatles and Appletree Theatre can be heard on the grooves of this lost classic.

Fairfield Ski

*Matt Bridger - Bass, Vocals
*Dave Hynds - Drums, Vocals
*Nigel Wright - Vocals
*Bill Bonham - Keyboards, Vocals

1. Silver Tavern - 4:04
2. Circus - 3:12
3. Would You Mind / The Warrior - 11:19
4. Man From Galillee - 3:26
5. Something On Your Mind - 3:13
6. Meet Me At The Station - 3:16
7. Suddenly I’m Sure - 5:17
8. Si Te Dois Partis - 3:56
9. Time Is Fast Approaching / Goodnight - 4:49
All songs by Fairfield Ski

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