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10 Jun 2016

Glass Harp “Glass Harp” 1970 US Psych Rock

 Glass Harp “Glass Harp” 1970 US Psych Rock.

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One of the first Christian-themed pop/rock acts, Glass Harp included singer/guitarist Phil Keaggy, bassist Dan Pecchio, and drummer John Sferra. Formed in 1969 in Youngstown, OH, the group – a free-form power trio in the tradition of Cream, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and fellow Buckeyes the James Gang – quickly developed a strong local following, and in 1970 they signed to Decca to issue their self-titled debut LP. Synergy followed a year later, but after 1972’s It Makes Me Glad Glass Harp disbanded; Keaggy went on to enjoy considerable success as a CCM solo act, while Pecchio later co-founded the Michael Stanley Band. Glass Harp’s original lineup came together for a reunion concert in 1988.

Phil Keaggy / guitar, vocals
Dan Pecchio / bass, vocals
John Sferra / flute, drums, vocals

1. Can You See Me (6:28)
2. Children’s Fantasy (5:04)
3. Changes (6:19)
4. Village Queen (4:01)
5. Black Horse (2:52)
6. Southbound (3:55)
7. Whatever Life Demands (6:30)
8. Look In The Sky (8:11)
9. Garden (4:20)
10. On Our Own (2:36)  

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