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11 Jun 2016

Grave“Nr. 1″1975 Private German Psych Hard Rock

Grave  “Nr. 1″  1975 mega rare Private German Psych Hard Rock monster.

full album

This is pure German psychedelic, or Krautrock if you like. Nothing more and nothing less. More rocking than other, more electronic Kraut’s, this is pure stoner’s fantasy. This must have been done under influence of drugs, there’s no other explanation.

This is album that is made by love and dreams that “we want to do something and we will do it, nothing can stop us”. This is fun, enjoyment of their, music made for tripping and daydreaming.

Bonus tracks are somehow good, but more like good as the rest of album. There’s even one rock'n'roll song guys. That’s it, nothing more. Of course, I can say more and more words, do consistent review and I would do it if I were “Man of Many Words”, but I’m not.

This CD reissue contains 7 bonus tracks. Three were recorded in 1975 during the album sessions, while the remaining four are from 1989. Predictably, these four tracks make up what I feel are the CD’s weakest, though I do rate one a B-. The older stuff, including the album tracks, are quite consistently good. They are fairly crude garage/punk with some occasional prog influences and English vocals. Their biggest weakness is they suffer from poor mixing. Discounting the late 80’s stuff (believe me, they are best forgotten about), of the remaining 9 tracks, there is 1 B+, 6 B’s, and 2 C+’s. This is a Garden of Delights release, so there is a big booklet, of course. I share most listener’s sentiments in that this is a reasonably decent listen, though there are better mid-70’s krautrock albums to be found. .............  

- Günter Wendehake / bass guitar
- Thomas Lamp / bass guitar (track 10 to 13)
- Klaus Moritz / drums
- Wolfgang Kiesler / guitar
- Lutz Wowerat / guitar, vocals
- Anke Meyer / vocals (track 10 to 13)

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