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10 Jun 2016

Hiroshi Suzuki "Cat" 1975 Japan Jazz Funk Fusion

 Hiroshi Suzuki  "Cat" 1975 Japan Jazz Funk Fusion.

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More super rare  Jazz making a first appearance in blogland and this is an absolute beauty made up of 5 long cuts that hit the perfect balance between jazz and fusion.Acoustic bass meshed with subtle funky drums topped with lashings of Rhodes,trombone and sax deliver a really stretched out understated rolling groove.
The album just grows and grows with repeated listening and it’s a big favourite over here at Bacoso’s Big Top - no surprise that it’s

A great bit of electric jazz from the Japanese scene of the 70s – an album that easily rivals the best CTI work in the US at the time! Trombonist Hiroshi Suzuki heads up a quintet here – one that’s heavy on electric piano and keyboards, played in a stretched-out sort of groove that reminds us a lot of the energy on Freddie Hubbard’s funkiest albums from the same period. The tracks are all quite long – and step out with a wonderfully rhythmic sensibility – spare at times, and very focused on the right rolling approach to the groove. Suzuki’s trombone solos are matched by some equally great sax work from Takeru Muraoka – and rhythm is from Kunimitsu Inaba on bass and Akira Ishikawa on drums. Filled with great breaks and laidback jazzy grooves – and featuring tracks that include “Cat”, “Walk Tall”, “Romance”, “Shrimp Dance”, and “Kuro To Shiro”…….


Hiroshi Suzuki - trombone
Akira Ishikawa - drums
Hiromasa Suzuki - keyboards
Kunimitsu Inaba - bass
Takeru Muraoka - saxophone

Recorded at Nippon-Columbia 1st Studio, Tokyo on October 8-10, 1975.


01. Shrimp Dance (Suzuki) - 7:02
02. Kuro to Shiro (Suzuki) - 11:41
03. Walk Tall (Zawinul-Marrow-Rein) - 10:14
04. Cat (Muraoka) - 5:27
05. Romance (Suzuki) - 5:54  

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