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11 Jun 2016

Hojas “Mis Suenos Piden”1973 Uruguay Psych Rock

Hojas “Mis Suenos Piden”1973 Argentina- Uruguay Psych Rock


Early 70s psychedelia from Hojas – a well-honed Uruguayan group, heard here on their debut! Hojas have a sound that resonates strongly with other South American rock from the time – fuzzy guitars mixed with rhythms that are a bit more chunky than most American groups – produced in a way that’s often sweetly compressed, but a bit rough at times – creating a sense of soul that really shines through, even if you can’t always understand the lyrics! This album was the group’s debut, and it’s lovingly presented here with notes in English and a number of bonus tracks from singles too – a really great introduction to a group you’ll never track down in the record bins over here! Original titles include “El Mundo Es Una Flor”, “Lo Has Pensado Tu”, “Sincero”, “Somos Extranos”, and “Hazlo Ya Amigo” – and bonus tracks include “Yo Solo Estoy”, “Sini Ti”, “No Pierdas La Fe”, “Imaginate En El Mundo”, and “Un Buen Dia”

1 Lo Has Pensado Tu?
2 Sincero
3 Mis Sueños Piden
4 El Mundo Es Una Flor
5 Mi Ciudad A Través De La Ventana
6 Somos Extraños
7 Hazlo Ya Amigo
8 Tan Solo Un Dia De Amor
9 Yo Solo Estoy (1972 B-Side)
10 Caminar En La Lluvia (1973 A-Side)
11 Sin Ti (Previously Unreleased, 1973)
12 No Pierdas La Fe (1975 A-Side)
13 Cada Uno (1975, B-Side)
14 Imgínate En El Mundo (1975, A-Side)
15 Un Buen Dia (1975, B-Side) —

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