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11 Jun 2016

Homer “Grown in USA” 1970 Private Texas Rural Heavy Psych

Homer “Grown in USA” 1970  mega rare Private Texas Rural Heavy Psych.

full album

“Grown in U.S.A” was their only album, released as a private pressing in 1970.  Rural psychedelic rock with early prog  hints fuelled by   stunning lead / dual guitar, melodic vocals and occasional mellotron.


Phil Bepko - vocals
Frank Coy - vocals
Galen Niles - lead guitar
Howard Gloor - lead & steel guitar
Chet Himes - bass
Gene Coleman - drums
Rob Meurer - Mellotron


1. Circles In The North
2. Taking Me Home
3. Dawson Creek
4. Survivor
5. In The Beginning
6. Love’s Coming
7. Four Days And Nights “Without You”
8. Cyrano In The Dark
9. Lonely Woman

Bonus tracks:

10. Sunrise
11. Dandelion Wine

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