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8 Jun 2016

Ice “Saga Of The Ice King"1979 UK Private Prog Rock

 Ice “Saga Of The Ice King"1979 UK mega rare Private Prog Rock


Another English band with the same name "Ice”.  Formed in 1978 in Tamworth (Staffordshire County) and first played concerts in the surroundings of the town.  They became the first team playing in Tamworth Arts Centre. The original lineup consisted of Mick Rutherford (vocals), Colin Richardson (bass), Paul Watts (guitar), Andy Radek (guitar) and Steve Sheldon (drums).  Steve left the band in 1979 and instead of it came Paul Reeves.  The band played before disbanding in 1982.  Mick Rutherford called the “godfather” Temvors rock ( “Godfather Of Tamworth Rock”).  The album was recorded in the range in October 1978 - February 1979 and released on the label “Storm Records”.  Known fact that the original recording was made in the garden shed Colin Richardson


 Mick Rutherford - guitar, vocals
 Andy Radek - guitar
 Colin Richardson - bass
 Paul Watts - guitar
 Steve Sheldon - drums, percussion


 01. Early Days - 3:12
 02. The Ice King - 3:18
 03. Asgard - 6:28
 04. The Bridge - 3:28
 05. The Feast - 3:01
 06. Dawn / The Battle - 5:17
 07. Aftermath - 0:55
 08. Journey Into Exile - 2:20
 09. Reprise - 2:44

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