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10 Jun 2016

Jimi Hendrix 1974 "Crash Landing" Unreleased Version bootleg

 Jimi Hendrix - 1974 - Crash Landing Unreleased Version


In 1974 Alan Douglas was brought in by Warner Brothers to try to salvage some sort of product from the hundreds of remaining hours of studio material.
Douglas’ controversial approach to the task, wiping the original backing tracks and reformatting the songs using session musicians with Jimi’s original guitar and vocals continues to provoke outcry from the diehard fans and critics alike.
It has been admitted though, the album “Crash Landing” was a commercial success but the final result was not what the fans want.

Jimi Hendrix: guitar/vocals
Buddy Miles: drums/backing vocals
Billy Cox: bass
Juma Sultan: percussion

01. Promo Crash Landing Album
02. Crash Landing (original mix)
03. Somewhere (alternate mix)
04. Anything Is Possible (basic version)
05. New Rising Sun (uncensored version)
06. Message To Love (alternate version)
07. Stone Free (original track)
08. Peace in Mississippi (complete original version)
09. Here Comes Your Lover Man (basic version)
10. M.L.K./New Rising Sun (original session)
11. Gypsy Boy (new rising sun/with vocals) MusicChain Choice
12. Captain Coconut/New Rising Sun/Cherokee Mist (official test mix done by Alan Douglas)  

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