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10 Jun 2016

Jimi Hendrix & Band of Gypsys ”Band Of Gypsys”1970

Jimi Hendrix & Band of Gypsys ”Band Of Gypsys” 1970

full album

A superb first pressing of Jimi Hendrix’s 1970 album Band of Gypsys on UK Track, with the withdrawn “Puppet Cover.”  This is by far the nicest copy we’ve seen of this sought after rarity; the cover grades a strong Near Mint, and the disc Mint to Near Mint.  Judging from the single faint spindle trail on each label, we’d guess this has been played no more than once or twice.
The earliest copies of Band of Gypsys featured this cover, picturing puppets of Hendrix, Brian Jones, Bob Dylan and English DJ John Peel.  Reportedly Peel complained and the cover was withdrawn and replaced with a live photo of Hendrix.

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