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11 Jun 2016

John Sase "Aessence"1975 US Private psych Acid Folk

John Sase "Aessence"1975 US Private psych Acid Folk


Great dreamy acid folky psych LP released in limited 300 copies circulation in 1985 although it was recorded in 1975.Great LP utilizing a plethora of intruments including String Bass, Nylon String Guitar, Indian Bells, Hand Percussion, Noseflute and Harmonica with deep vibe.Similar to Arthur Lee Harper, Bobb Trimble, Bill Clint, and the likes ....
~ by mutantsounds..............

Rare and excellent private press Acid folk album out of Detroit. This was recorded in 1975 but only released for the first time in 1985 in this limited edition of 300 numbered copies, signed by John Sase; Musically this is introspective downer/Loner acid-folk with a great tapestry of intstruments including string Bass, Nylon string guitar, Indian Bells, Hand percussion, Nose-flute and harmonica. Comes in a nice home-made style silkscreen with pasted-on photograph.
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Hippie folk and singer/songwriter sounds with artistic ambitions and a slightly refined air, but like so many others in the genre damaged by unconvincing vocals. The Joseph Pusey LP is a more successful exploration of a similar trajectory. John Sase is the name of the artist, and the LP features a wide variety of instruments. Recorded in 1975, which is why it is included here.
~ by lysergia.............

Obscure USA private press folk album that's already got interest in the world of bloggers. However, i think it's worth adding as previous blogs have missed what could be a different fan base for this album. It was recorded around 1975 but not released until 1985. Despite the 1970's recording this album has tracks that i feel are closer to the Neo Folk style of the late 1980's onwards, than the Acid Folk tag other bloggers use. Listening to Industrial Age is for me akin to the Death In June sound from the All Pigs Must Die album. Artists like Nurse with Wound and Current 93 have always been open in their love of Folk, especially artists like Shirley Collins and Comus.
The album was released in a limited edition of 300 autographed and hand numbered copies with two inserts, housed in a plain sleeve with screen printed title and pasted picture. John Sase was based in Detroit, hardly well known for producing Folk music. There are a wealth of instruments on the album which are played well enough to lift it above the usual private pressing. If i was to have a criticism of the album then it would be that the tempo seems to remain pretty much the same through the entire album. The songs themselves are strong so keeping it interesting.................

A1 Zothique
A2 Winter Song
A3 Industrial Age
A4 Laughing And Free
A5 Only A Play
B1 Get It Together
B2 King Alfred
B3 Grand Illusion
B4 Silver Winters Morn

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