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11 Jun 2016

Jun Kamikubo “Nothingness” 1972 上久保ジュン* – サンフランシスコの奇跡 Japan Heavy Blues Rock

Jun Kamikubo “Nothingness” 1972 上久保ジュン* – サンフランシスコの奇跡  excellent Japan Heavy Blues Psych Rock.

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The most rarest JAPANESE BLUSY HEAVY PSYCH LP, Like Shinki Chen, however rarer than SHINKI CHEN SOLO LP, SPEED GLUE&SHINKI 2LPs, TOO MUCH, FAR OUT etc… Really rare Japanese psych LP!

In 1972, the guitarist Jun Kamikubo released one LP, entitled NOTHINGNESS, on the Toshiba Express record label. Contained within its grooves were several extremely average sub-sub-sub- Mountain/Cream blues rock workouts artistically somewhat equivalent to the kind of decrepit hash that the Welsh band Man were serving up throughout the 70s, but even less charming and containing none of the stupid Man titles that some say they find appealing. In 2002CE, the NOTHINGNESS LP was re-released by the obscure record specialist label Shadoks in a hefty cardboard sleeve and sold for a large sum of money, thereby giving early buyers a chance to smugly tout it to those who came too late to score their own copy. Me? I send it back to Freak Emporium and demanded (and received) my money back. However, this record is one to avoid, being neither outrageously free-rock and clod-hopping in the Leigh Stephens-period Blue Cheer style nor inept behemothballs-of-fire in the KISS ALIVE-stylee, and we never would have even heard of this moreley achieving Dadrock slush had not several should-know-betters of the underground touted it around and proclaimed it as being in some way relevant and therefore important. Music is not legendary merely because you cant get hold of a copy. Beware!

Julian Cope..

Jun Kimikabo's sole work, Nothingness is a bit reminiscent of Blue's Creation's Demon & Eleven Children album. That is, a mix of blues and heavy psych. There's also some naive '60's style pop, awesomely drenched in fuzz and stock organ, and yes, they had to throw in an "I got the blues reeeeaaal bad"song for protocol, and even a Greatful Dead kinda Truckin' type number. A diverse album that represents a compendium of the U.S.A.'s 1960's scene. Through a Japanese filter of course......

Line Up: 
Music By, Arranged By, Vocals, Guitar [Lead, Side], Bass, Drums - Jun Kamikubo

1 勲章いっぱいぶらさげて [Getting Into The Ecstacy]
2 死んだら恋人よ [Reflection Of Sentimentalism]
3 天国行きの最終便 [Blues Of Movement]
4 愛が欲しい [Get What You Want]
5 半分終わった俺の人生は [What's My Life]
6 人生は舞台劇 [I Want To Be What I Can]
7 何となく何となく [Go Through The Wind]
8 殺ったのは俺じゃない [Leaving My Position] 

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