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11 Jun 2016

Lacewing "Lacewing"1970 US Acid Psych Prog

 Lacewing  "Lacewing"  1970 US Acid Psych Prog rare copy In Mainstream label


From Kent, Ohio, this outfit formed out of the ashes of The Measles, who had once included Joe Walsh before his James Gang days and Joe Vitale, who was also in Chylds and Joe Walsh’s Barnstormer. They reverted their name to The Measles after the Mainstream album in 1970.

Their album is a West Coast-influenced affair which ranges from folk tracks like Time To Go to more atmospheric numbers such as Rebirth and on to heavier rock cuts like Epicycle and Play For You. The 45 is from the album and is by far the best track. Fuzz, Acid & Flowers  .................

The short lived Kent, Ohio-based Lacewing's probably best known for their tentative link to The Measles. That link came in the form of guitarist Bob Webb who'd briefly replaced Joe Walsh in a late-inning version of the band. Even though The Measles had been around since the mid-1960s, by 1970 the line up had moved on to a second generation crew consisting of Webb, former Chancellors keyboardist David Andress, bass player Jeff Currey, drummer Tim Frazier, and singer Mary Sterpka. Under pressure to come up with a hipper imagine the revamped line up adopted the Lacewing moniker. 

Signed to Mainstream, the band went into Miami's Criteria Studios with producer Bob Shad, releasing 1970's cleverly-titled "Lacewing". For some reason this one tends to get overlooked in the Mainstream discography which is a shame since these guys were quite talented, though he album was kind of erratic and they were not quite as commercial as some of their label compatriots. Sterpka was billed as the lead singer and while she had a good voice, most of the seven tracks showcased group vocals and harmonies. With all five members contributing material (Webb and Andress responsible for the majority of songs), musically the collection bounced across various genres including pop, folk-rock, and progressive outings which meant it was hard to figure out what they were really like as an entity.  ....Bad Cat.........

Artwork [Cover Art] – Gary Jackett 
Bass – Jeff Currey 
Design [Album Design] – Izzy Sanabria 
Drums – Mark Frazier (2) 
Guitar – Bob Webb 
Piano, Organ – Dave Andress 
Producer – Bob Shad 
Vocals – Mary Sterpka

A1 Paradox 3:47 
A2 Crystal Myth 4:08 
A3 Our World (It Can Happen) 3:30 
A4 Time To Go 3:15 
B1 The Storm 7:05 
A. Epicycle 
B. Rebirth 
B2 I'll Play For You 4:15 
B3 Galvenized Midget 6:32 

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