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10 Jun 2016

Lazy Farmer “Lazy Farmer”1975 UK Folk Rock

Lazy Farmer “Lazy Farmer”1975 UK Folk Rock.


“Lazy Farmer” - the only album by British folk-rock band of the same name. This team consisted of short-lived pioneer of British folk music Wizz Jones, his wife, Sandy Jones, John Bidwell and Jake Walton. The album was dedicated to the master of the American banjo John Burke, whose book «Fiddle Tunes for the Banjo» and inspired the formation of “Lazy Farmer” in the folk group.  The album was recorded in their own studio recording engineer Conny Plank in Cologne (Germany).  Game banjo, along with Sandy Jones, on the album marked a guest musician Don Coging. Before that, during the 1970-73’s, John Bidwell also studied folk with hints of psychedelia and progressive in the “COB” British same group. Wizz Jones before that, since 1969 and until the present day, amassed quite a successful solo career in the field of Contemporary Folk genre and as a Singer / Songwriter.  With ten years (1978-1989) was the soloist and Jake Walton.
 Wizz Jones - guitar, vocals
 Sandy Jones - banjo, vocals
 John Bidwell - guitar, flute, flageolet, vocals
 Jake Walton - guitar, dulcimer, hurdy gurdy, vocals
 Don Coging - banjo
 01. Lazy Farmer - 3:06
 02. Standing Down In New York Town - 3:30
 03. Railroad Boy - 3:01
 04. Soldier’s Joy / Arkansas Traveller - 2:17
 05. Turtle Dove - 3:15
 06. John Lover’s Gone - 1:42
 07. Johnson Boys - 2:40
 08. Love Song - 4:44
 09. The Cuckoo - 4:01
 10. Sally In The Garden / Liberty - 2:41
 11. Gypsy Davey - 2:34
 12. When I Leave Berlin - 3:16

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