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11 Jun 2016

Leslie’s Motel ‎“Dirty Sheets” 1972, released in 2009 US Southern Blues Rock

 Leslie’s Motel ‎ “Dirty Sheets”  1972, released in 2009 US Southern Blues Rock

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“The eighth installment of our Louisville Music series. Another great band that had members of The Oxfords sprinkled in with Blues Project drummer Ron Blumenfeld! Recorded in 1970 in Louisville, Kentucky and produced by Oxford’s lead guitarist Jay Petach. Their sound is very reminiscent of Ten Years After, The Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead.” ……..

This unreleased U.S. album from 1972 is now available on vinyl for the first time. Originally from Louisville, KY, Leslie’s Motel line-up included several members from The Oxfords as well as Blues Project drummer Roy Blumenfeld. They played explosive, bluesy hard-rock with powerful vocals and stunning guitar/organ, in the same vein as early Allman Brothers or Ten Years After. Remastered sound from the original master tapes. Includes an insert with liner notes and rare pictures. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. ……

The success of the one-and-only album cut by Kentucky six-piece Leslie’s Motel in 1972, but unreleased until recently, convinced them to re-form and release a new live recording. If it’s as good as Dirty Sheets, it will be well worth catching.
The percussion-heavy band’s debt to the Allman Brothers is clear, but the fact that second drummer Roy Blumenfeld left the critically acclaimed Blues Project to join Leslie’s Motel’s ranks attests to their promise. The ace in the pack is Mark Seibold, whose guitar avoids 90 per cent of the southern rock clichés, while the music ebbs, flows and swells between Allmans, Santana (the extended Latino Motel) and even Welsh band Man.
Vinyl is the perfect medium via which to experience this nine-song treat, which ends with the supposedly live title track. If, indeed, it is live (and the taped-sounding applause suggests otherwise), it doesn’t show – testament to the top-notch playing and singing that precedes it. Parent label Guerssen are to be commended for bringing this title to vinyl. Sleevenotes penned by frontman Bill Tullis tells all but the actual reason for the split and non-appearance of the album four decades ago. They could have been contenders… 
The Eighth Installment of our Louisville Music Series. Another great band that had members of Oxfords sprinkled with Blues Project drummer Ron Blumenfeld! Recorded in 1972 in Louisville, Kentucky and produced by Oxford’s lead guitarist Jay Petach. Their sound is very reminiscent of ten years later, The Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead. If you never wore long hair and bell bottom pants, you will enjoy the “new” Gear Fab Records release of “Dirty Sheets”, Louisville’s legendary rock band, Leslie’s Motel. Recorded at Sound King Productions in 1972 but not released until last week, “Dirty Sheets” contains nine original songs rock band Louisville DJ Coyote Calhoun calls “undoubtedly the best original group that never goes out of our area.” On the signature track, Dirty Sheets (Live At The Morefill South) lead guitarist Mike Seibold soil contains riffs Jimi Hendrix could have been proud to claim. In windmills, keyboardist / composer Richard Bush presents a technique reminiscent of the best of the Doors. Other tracks include Latino Motel (Prelude / Interlude / Qualude) Movin'Rock & Roll, and blister. Local fans of the group that once opened for bands like Ted Nugent, Charlie Daniels, and John Lee Hooker, Leslie’s Motel hope not to wait 37 years before releasing their next album. The soldiers stationed at Fort Knox during the Vietnam era, no doubt, will remember the band’s namesake - a “discreet” motel ($ 6.00, no questions asked) on Dixie Highway. And while Leslie’s Motel is no longer together (the very same motel ended years ago), at least one member of the band still plays that old time rock ‘n’ roll. Keyboardist Richard Bush, a former inhabitant of the City Council (he was Deputy Director of City law for several years), practices law by day, but continues to thrill audiences around Louisville’s trendier places with your group, Mike & The Allstars Bush . …….

Bill Tullis — lead vocals, rhythm guitar, tambourine Mike Seibold — lead guitar, vocals Richard Bush — Hammond C3 organ, Fender Rhodes piano Ray Barrickman — bass, vocals Paul Hoerni — drums Roy Blumenfeld — drums, congas, hand clapping

01. Step Down Baby 02. Interlude 03. My Sweet Woman 04. Blister 05. Reason Why 06. Windmills 07. Latino Motel (Prelude/Interlude/Qualude) 08. Movin’ Rock & Roll 09. Dirty Sheets [Live]  

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