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11 Jun 2016

Lily “Onion” 1971 Japan Acid Folk Psych

Lily “Onion” 1971 Japan Acid Folk Psych

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Lily was a twenty-year-old folk singer when her first album was released on May 5th 1972. Her husky voice and gentle style captured the hearts of the new Japanese folk scene, and many attempts have been made to cross her cult over to an English-speaking audience. Unfortunately, Lily’s music is not much cop, and her lyrics - sung all in Japanese - make it unlikely that she will transcend her national boundaries.

Julian Cope


ONION (Express, 1971)
DULCIMER (Express, 1973)
TAEKO (Express, 1974)
LILY LIVE (Express, 1974)

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..