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11 Jun 2016

Los Holy's “Sueño Sicodelico"1967 Peru Psych Pop,Garage Rock,Surf Rock

Los Holy's  “Sueño Sicodelico" 1967  Peru Psych Pop,Garage Rock,Surf Rock


Seeing as how Latin America’s Day of The Dead festivities begin today and go thru Nov. 2, now’s the perfect time to rock out to these juvenile delinquents from, of all places, Lima, Peru. Trashy surf/garage sounds from the 1960s, all instrumental reverb and fuzz guitars and sleazy electric organ, with one song ("Holy’s Psicodelicos”) even featuring a theremin. “Campo De Vampiros” is the appropriate party-starter by these Dia de Los Muertos daddy-o’s.

I would be interested to know how Los Holy’s (sic) fit into Peruvian culture of the time. Were they considered makers of no-good teen trash by the mainstream culture, but revered as cool cats by the kids?  Or was this stuff so foreign to their society that they were playing a kind of ‘world music,’ without any of the controversy that this kind of primitive rock created north of the border?
Marcos Goyzueta   -   lead guitar, fuzz
Arturo Matto   -   rhythm guitar
Oscar Sáenz   -   bass
Walo Carrillo   -   drums
Renzo Carozzi   -   organ

1. Campo De Vampiros
2. Sueno Sicodelico
3. Melodia Encantada
4. Reunion Psicodelica [a cover of the Markett’s Space-Age surf classic “Out of Limits”]
5. Piedra De Doce Angulos
6. Hawaii Five-O
7. El Hombre Desnudo
8. Holy’s Psicodelicos
9. The High Chaparral [cover of the '50s movie theme “Moulin Rouge”]
10. Psicodelico Desconocido  [cover of the Meters’ funky soul groover “Sissy Strut”]
11. Spectro I
12. Choque De Vientos

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..