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11 Jun 2016

Metaphysical Animation “Metaphysical Animation” 1973 Private Demo US Psych Rock

 Metaphysical Animation “Metaphysical Animation” 1973 US mega rare Private Demo Lp only 50 copies pressed.

full album……….

Well, after much ado, here we are. You know, we all hear so many rarities… so many things that just don’t live up to expectations, that it seems unreal something as sublime as Metaphysical Animation’s sole album can actually even exist. We often see the term HOLY GRAIL used in ebay auctions. And yet, if it’s available for auction, how can it be a Holy Grail? My definition of a Holy Grail is Metaphysical Animation. That is, something you’re not likely to ever witness. We are talking about an album that has existed for exactly 40 years in the wilds of the record stores/flea markets/warehouses throughout the world, and it is just now being discovered for the first time. And did I actually discover it? No, I did not. But the AC did. No, he really did. As in, he invested over $150 of his own money on some demo LP listed on ebay that no one had heard of, nor ever spoke of. It wasn’t listed with any key terms that we all look for. It was just a demo album thrown out there and by pure happenstance, the AC stumbled onto it. Right time, right place. Fortunately, three short samples were put up, which helped mitigate the risk somewhat, but not too many folks are going to blow a good amount of money on a few snippets of sound. So he was taking a big chance. But the payoff on this one is the equivalent of a Vegas multi-casino jackpot.

After meeting with 3 of the 4 band members, between them only one copy was saved for posterity. It has been, it appears, completely sold out at the source as they like to say in the marketplace.

Here’s how the AC first introduced the album to me. And before I do that, you know him as well as I do now. He does NOT exaggerate, or foam at the mouth for the smallest of rarities. So when I saw this, I about fell off my chair: “Okay, here it is. By far the biggest discovery of my record collecting “career” (so to speak), and one that may go down as among the more significant finds in American prog history….. But, something like this really does make you wonder what could still be lurking out there, languishing undiscovered in some dusty warehouse, on the very brink of extinction…“

Alberto DeAlmar: guitar (ex-Pods, Leaves of Grass, Celebration)
Bill Sabella: keyboards/vocals (ex-Amen/Burgundy Blues, Leaves of Grass, Celebration)
Steve Margolis: bass
Robbie Hansen: drums

Privately pressed double album

01. Two Songs In Space
02. Ode To A Seraph Chamber Fellow
03. Hey Now Mama
04. Paper People
05. Empyreal Souls
06. I’ve Been Blue
07. Better Way
08. You’re The Guru.

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