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11 Jun 2016

Our Generation “Praise and Prayer” 1972 US Private Christian Psychedelic Rock

Our Generation “Praise and Prayer” 1972 US Private fantastic Christian Psychedelic Rock.

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No trace of information could be found on this NY based Christian band. I only found out they had two private albums, “Dawning of the Day” (1971?) and this one, “Praise and Prayer” (1972?). The album has been reissued on LP on a limited pressing of 250 with a roughly done silkscreen cover. Band members were Dwight Craver, Cyrna Craver, John Oostdyk, Donna Oostdyk, Sharon Spear, Steve Mc Tamney, Glenn Eberhardt and Lowell Weeks. According to the cover they “were born of the spirit to minister through music our generation"…

Some of the greatness of this album is that it flows fluently in between more heavy fuzz driven garage and delicate inspired folkpsych hymns. All is of course inspired by Jesus-is-our-saviour experiences, all with a very convincing honesty in expressions and inspirations.

The introduction, “Hello Friends” has a calmly speeding up energy with fuzz distortion and electric bass, organ, leading to the first hymn like song. “Get Together” is already a much softer, vocal driven song with female/male dual vocals and just bass, like a more acidic version or original inspiration that would fit well as inspiration for church singing. “I’m only a man” is even more thinly arranged (soft acoustic guitar, loudly recorded electric bass, some chords of background organ), a late 60’s psych styled ballad-hymn with a beautiful emotionality in voice. On “Jesus said it all”, the organ is louder in the mix, and in that way a stronger ‘60’s psych styled focus, a song with harmony vocals and also, a bit of percussion this time. The last track of side A, “Praise”, shows again more heavy fuzz bass and has also a more heavy outfit, and also the singing is more garage/’60’s punk styled, and it has a fine electric fuzz guitar solo. “Sacrifice” on side B can be regarded stylistically as a kind of ‘spiritual garage’, or at least for the first part of it, because the second part, sung by a more folkie female voice, returns quickly to the calm folkier psych accompaniment, sung with emotionally seriously inspired intentions. “Hymn” after that is, like the title says, a calm, inspired hymn, focusing heavenwards, with calm bass and organ, and beautiful Christmas gift gospel-like background vocals. On “Have you tried this one called Jesus” male and female vocals in folkpsych Christmas-is-here style are expressed with delight and devotion, and are accompanied by acoustic guitar, bass, and also beautiful flute this time, making it very sweet. “In the Presence of the Lord” brings back in the electrified guitar, with a more Nashville styled touch to it in the song inspiration. It also has a larger, heavier psych instrumental part, with a much more freaky electric fuzz part (with drums, some organ, electric bass), working as a psychedelic highlighting moment on the album, even when each track for me was equally convincing. Last track, “A Prayer” is a very beautiful, singer-songwriter acid folk ballad accompanied by finger-picking guitar that would not have been out of place on an acid psych singer/songwriter related classic…….
Holy cow, they did it again! The gang delivers another first-rate psych juggernaut here, with some of their loudest moments on record. ‘Hello Friends’ begins the album with drums and a pulsating bass line, soon joined by fierce fuzz, psychy organ and odd spacey choral harmonies. Likewise ‘Praise’ bursts forth with a vicious guitar riff worthy of Jefferson Airplane or Big Brother & the Holding Company. More high powered fuzz on ‘Jesus Paid It All’. Quieter moods are expressed on organ-backed ballads ‘Only A Man’ and ‘Have You Tried This One Called Jesus’, as well as covers of Paul Stookey’s ‘Hymn’ and The Youngbloods’ ‘Get Together’_ The latter has a female lead vocal for a change, as does side two’s opener ‘Sacrifice’. Also includes Blind Faith’s ‘Presence Of The Lord’ where they super-size the guitar break into extended total fuzz mayhem. Closes with an acoustic ballad entitled ‘A Prayer’. A vinyl re-issue appeared on the scene in 2006. Both of these records are intensely rare small-press items.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott). ……


A1 Hello Friends
A2 Get Together
A3 Only A Man
A4 Jesus Paid It All
A5 Praise
B1 Sacrifice
B2 Hymn
B3 Have You Tried This One Called Jesus
B4 In The Presence Of The Lord
B5 A Prayer

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