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11 Jun 2016

The Pilgrims"Spooky Time"1972 Japanese Rarest Private Prog Psych

The Pilgrims  "Spooky Time" 1972  Japanese Rarest Private Prog Psych reissued from Shadocks.

full album

From Japan circa 1972. “Still unknown incredible rare album of mellow Underground with english vocals. Good and rare as gold dust. A beautiful concept album, far away from any avantgarde tunes. The recording was great but the mixing was weak. This album make you shiver. Great artists and performers, electric guitar, piano, drums, bass, beautiful english vocals, all original compositions influenced by the London Underground scene and bands such as Procol Harum. If you think “Martha” is a good album you will like this one a lot.” Shadoks. 180gram vinyl limited to 450 numbered copies..

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..