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11 Jun 2016

Various “A New Hi Rare” LP (Tempo 2, 1971) Private Compilation by Texas Psych Bands

Stevie Ray Vaughan Related “A New Hi Rare” LP (Tempo 2, 1971) mega rare compilation.
Very Rare Texas Psych sampler featuring 2 Psych tracks each by “The Mint” - reissued on Endless Journey, 2 tracks by “Cast Of Thousands” - first appearance by 17 year old Stevie Ray Vaughan .

ful  compilation

This unlikely appearing album cover contains some pretty impressive, cutting-edge psychedelic music from 1971 by a variety of regional groups. The real attraction here is the inclusion of a two tracks by the group “Cast Of Thousands” which featured a young guitarist named Steve Vaughan. The tracks that featured the bands the Mint, Image, Stone Sypher, and Blue Persuasion may be just as slick; in fact, the Mint, led by guitarist Jimmy Wallace, was very popular in the Dallas and North Texas area, and Wallace went on to found the Dallas Guitar Show. Of course, the 16-year-old Vaughan would become a guitar legend renowned the world over..

Stevie Ray Vaughan (in Cast of Thousands) “A New Hi Dallas 1971 – Part 1” Stereo LP and Poster Tempo 2 T-1(1971) While all you Stevie Ray Vaughn fans are going to go crazy over the inclusion of his earliest recorded material (with the band known as Cast of Thousands), this compilation of Dallas, Texas bands from the late 1960s-early 1970s era stands up pretty well on its own right. The bonus poster included with the album is complete with a photo or our teen-aged Stevie. Also included are tracks by the Mint, featuring Jimmy Wallace, a hugely popular local band in their time. In fact, Jimmy (who these days can be found producing the annual Dallas Guitar Show) and Stevie Ray were friends and neighbors, and their respective bands rehearsed across the street from one another!....

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