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10 Jun 2016

Brainticket “Live In Rome” 1973 Swiss Psychedelic Rock

 Brainticket  “Live In Rome” 1973 Swiss Psychedelic Rock

full album
  • This vintage live album is appearing for the first time ever on the commercial market in glorious 12” vinyl form!
  • Features selections from the critically adored Brainticket album Celestial Ocean!
Recorded live in Rome, October 3, 1973
Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Organ, Piano, Vocals, Flute, Synthesizer, Sitar
Barney Palm – Percussions, Tablas, Bongos, Sound Effects, Vocals
Carole Muriel – Vocals, Synthesizer, Zither
All tracks written by Joel Vandroogenbroeck, except “Egyptian Kings” & “Jardins” written by Joel Vandroogenbroeck & Carole Murial; and “Era Of Technology,” “To Another Universe” & “The Space Between” written by Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Carole Muriel & Barney Palm

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