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19 Jul 2016

Hopney "Cosmic Rockout" 1977 US Guitar Psych

Hopney "Cosmic Rockout"  1977 US Guitar Psych 

"Cosmic Rockout" by Hopney was originally released on the Illusion Records label in 1977. This was once a sought after collectors piece priced at $300. I guess releasing it on CD kills that market doesn’t it? Well, that’s the never-ending cycle of music and remasters these days.

A quick glance at the cover of this CD and you may think it’s Peter Frampton, but it’s a man called Hopney. He is listed as such in the credits. This was appetizingly eclectic, as I expected a specific sound because of the psych rock tag. The group actually delves into some funk and reggae (Is There A Doctor In The House) to mix in with their rock and psychedelic influences. The sound is mixed well so the entire CD offers clear and fat guitar chords to lead the way through each track. I have heard a few CDs in this series thus far and I think that is one of the best ones to date. The seventies was a great time for rock and roll, its time you discovered some of the groups that got lost in the shuffle.

1.Long Ago Far Away
2. Another Goudy Night
3. Down For The Count
4. I Must Get Thru
5. Don’t Say No
6. Hey Girl
7. Love Trop
8. No Particular Home
9. Is There A Doctor In The House
10. I Can’t Stop Now

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