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19 Jul 2016

Nasty Road ”Don’t Worry About Me” 197? US Private Rural Rock

Nasty Road "”More Fun With Three” "197? US Private Rural Rock
Mid-70's U.S. private-press out of Virginia. A striking bag of Pop-rockin' goods jangly w/Rural-Khool magic. Sorta cross between BIG STAR 'n the rockier slopes of the susquehanna BRIGG. Ace vocal-treats 'n loose-shaken guitar-licks w/airy synth-effects woven in plus distant-pearlin' piano-lines on "I never wanted to choose" w/loungy, relaxed hooks! There's roadhouse rockin' temper beefin up intriguing melo-trails!. A REALLYy special Pop spreadin' thing reekin' w/that local-press charm !
avid Nuckoles - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Piano, Sytth, Vocals
Rusty Whitesell - Vocals, Drums
Vance Coffey, Vocals, Bass
1. Take On The City Tonight
2. West Virginia
3. She Lit Up My Eyes
4. Everybody Takes A Chance
5. More Fun With Three
6. Hitchiker
7. Don't Worry About Me
8. Ohio
9. I Never Wanted To Choose
10. Mean Onery Woman

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..