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23 Aug 2016

Abissi Infiniti “Tunnel” 1981 Italy Prog Symphonic

Abissi Infiniti “Tunnel” 1981 Italy Prog Symphonic


Abissi Infiniti is a forgotten symphonic prog band from Italy from early ‘80’s. That is no wonder because in those times almost no body was intrested in this kind of music, of course there was exceptions. They release a single album in 1981 and is a dreamy symphonic prog with nice keye passages not far from Genesis, PFM, Scaramouche or even in places Grobschnitt, combined aswell with that special pop ingredients of italian school. The resoult is Tunnel an album not very much of an intrest but not bad either, is almost typical for that period and for some reviewers and listners is a totaly unintristing symphonic prog. I find it enjoyble, ok, not very strong , but ok to be listened from time to time. I will give 2.5 rounded up to 3 because in my ears are not bad moments only some unintristing chops here and there. Still plesent all the way. If you look to the cover art you have the feeling you listen to some hard rock heavy metal band from that period, contrary to the mellow and dreamy music inside. The album was re released on CD in 1994 at Mellow records. ….

ABISSI INFINITI is an early '80s band who made one
album of mellow, dreamy Italian prog.
Their album “Tunnel” had a very small pressing back
in 1981 and the LP is considered a rarity.
Luckily, it was re-issued on cd in 1994.
Their calm, melodious symphonic style has the aerial
qualities of bands such as Il VOLO, PFM and GENESIS;
they have also been compared to some of the spacier
French prog acts. …..

ABISI INFINITI was an unknown group that privately recorded an album in 1981 at Knights Records studios. The cover notes state that all the tracks were composed between 1975 and 1980. Their sound recalls the melodic atmosphere of LE ORME and NEW TROLLS and even GENESIS, with good progresive tracks and some straightforward songs. From a graphic point of view, one of the bet covers from the Itlian scene of the seventies ……

Line-up / Musicians

- Alberto Cazzola / keyboards
- Paolo Fin / drums
- Enrico Kötterl / Solina strings
- Claudio Liotto / piano, vocals
- Lucio Negretto / bass
- Andrea Zanatta / guitars

Guest musicians:
- Claudio C. / drums (1-3)
- Aldo Menti / bass (3,4), violin (8), acoustic guitar (8), electric guitar (3)

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Come Bambini Di Sera
2. Il Segreto
3. Spirale
4. Tunnel
5. Abissi Infiniti
6. Nebbia Incantada
7. Fessure Di Luna
8. Merlino
9. La Grotta Di Cristallo

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