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23 Aug 2016

Acid Group “Dedicato” 1978 Italy Beat Prog CD 1998

Acid Group “Dedicato” 1978 Italy Beat Prog CD 1998

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A group from the Bergamo area, formed in 1974 as a trio, they later became a quintet for a short time with the entrance of bass player Mauro Capitani and drummer Sergio Marchesi.
The CD dedicated to this group by the Giallo Records label contains recordings made between 1975 and 1977, live, from rehearsals or in the studio, with some demos prepared for CGD. Their style is mostly based on improvisation, long jams built on a repetitive acoustic guitar pattern with lead guitar solos, and vocal parts not always complete.
The group broke up in 1979, having had a good live activity with the likes of Franco Battiato, Eugenio Finardi, Perdio, Madrugada…

Antonio Mandelli (vocals), Attilio Piazzi (electric guitar), Riccardo Bolis (acoustic guitar, vocals), Mauro Capitani (bass), Sergio Marchesi (drums)

Tracklist: 1) Adoration de la terre 2) Dormi dormi 3) Solitudine 4) Lascio la via (Le glorie) 5) Soffia sull’erba 6) Toh! Guarda caso 7) Cari santi 8) Proteina A (chi di noi è il ladro) 9) L’estate

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