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23 Aug 2016

Andwella "World's End" 1970 UK Psych Rock

Andwella "World's End" 1970 UK Psych Rock  recommended..!


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This band started life as a trio from Northern Ireland called Method, changing their name to Andwella's Dream after moving to London in 1968. After the first LP they were known simply as Andwella. 
Love And Poetry is a highly-rated psychedelic album, which featured guest artist Bob Downes playing sax, flute etc. All the songs were written by Dave Lewis. The highlights are the opening track, The Days Grew Longer For Love, which like most tracks is slow and melodic but with killer guitar leads; the heavier psychedelic number Sunday and Cocaine and Shades Of Grey, two tracks which veer towards progressive rock with plenty of organ and jazzy guitar. CBS released three singles from the album including two non-album sides: Missus Man and Mister Sunshine. Of these, Sunday is a superb slice of psychedelic rock with some Hendrix-influenced guitar work.
In 1970 they switched to Reflection for whom they recorded two albums, neither of which matched their first effort and two 45s. The World's End album was also comprised entirely of Dave Lewis compositions, but most of the tracks were more mainstream with string orchestrations, brass arrangements and background vocals. The best tracks are the mid-tempo R&B influenced I Got A Woman with flute solo, jazzy piano and guitar; two tracks (Reason For Living and Shadow Of The Night), which sound similar to Traffic and the slow instrumental Michael Fitzhenry which featured some good guitar work and flute. On the down side Back On The Road was pale imitation of The Band's The Weight. The flip side of their first 45 was an instrumental credited to Andwella. A Mike Fitzhenry appears on the credits of the first album as one of the recording engineers.
Lewis was a multi-instrumentalist and an acclaimed songwriter who also recorded a privately-pressed album in 1970. He also made further solo albums. McCulloch had previously played with One In A Million, Thunderclap Newman and with Struthers had been with short-lived group 'McCullochs, Struthers and Patterson' (the other members being Jimmy McCulloch and Robbie Patterson). After Andwella he went on to a group called 'White Line', with his brother Jimmy. McDougall went on to work with Speedy Keen (ex-Thunderclap Newman), while Smith joined Khan.....

One of the benefits of listing my collection here on RYM is that it is forcing me to go back and re-evaluate many records that I haven't listened to in years. I find my taste has evolved significantly, and many of the grades I gave to tracks many years ago are now completely off the mark. Here is another perfect example of this phenomenon. In the early 90's, I was quite disappointed with this album. I was even somewhat disappointed with their first album, one that garnered a huge reputation among collectors, and this one seemed to be going even farther in the wrong direction for me. I now find it to be a somewhat diverse mix of soft, and fairly hard rock, that suffers hugely at the hands of a rather merciless producer. How in the world said producer could have thought that THIS album is one that would benefit with the addition of horns and strings, is beyond me. These contaminations are particularly unnecessary and distracting on those cuts that feature them, and one can only imagine how much better they might be without them. Fortunately, some cuts were spared, and are, to my ears, the better mat'l to be found here. Grades - 2 B+'s, 2 B's, a B-, 2 C+'s, and 2 C-'s. Clearly not in a league with their famous debut, but also not worthy of some of the diatribes I have read about this album.......

Gordon Barton: Drums 
Dave Lewis: Guitar, Piano, Organ, Vocals 
Nigel Smith: Bass, Vocals 
Dave McDougall: Keyboards

01. Hold On To Your Mind
02. Lady Love
03. Michael Fitzhenry
04. I'm Just Happy to See You Get Her
05. Just How Long
06. World's End (Part One)
07. World's End (Part Two)
08. Back on the Road
09. I Got a Woman
10. Reason for Leaving
11. Shadow of the Night

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