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30 Aug 2016

Atlas “Atlas” 1973 Australia Hard Rock

Atlas “Atlas” 1973 Australia Hard Rock Ronnie Charles, Kim Fowley, Wishbone Ash 


watch in milesago 

Here’s the debut LP by Aussie Rockers ATLAS. The last track is co-written by guitarist Glen Turner & Kim Fowley, Fowley is thanked on the credits, so presumably he was friends with Turner and/or the band. Turner also played in an early version of UK band Wishbone Ash. Vocals are by Ronnie Charles (ex-Groop), Les Gough on bass, and Terry Slade on Drums. …. 

Not much is known about this Australian/British band, which featured former members of Wishbone Ash, Captain Australia and Sunshine. Led by vocalist Ronnie Charles, Atlas were quick to sign a deal and release their debut album with Warner/Reprise Records in 1973. The album spawned two singles, both of which saw modest chart activity. Despite critical accolades, the album faded quickly from view and within a year the band had split. 
The album is an exercise in straightforward 70’s bluesy rock with a hard edge and some occasional laid back balladry. Despite the somewhat generic description I’ve used here, there are some highlights showing diversity and groove. “Military Rag” and “On We Go” are both exceptional tracks showing a slight American influence, particularly the west coast. 
Ronnie Charles went on to a successful solo career after the split, and the remaining members whereabouts are unknown. Check out this curious Aussie/British release, you just might dig it!….. 

The only group of Melbourne album. After the collapse of the Australian «The Groop», its leader Ronnie Charles released two solo singles, spoke with them at a festival in Melbourne and formed a new band «Captain Australia & The Honky Tonk». In addition to Ronnie, in its composition were experienced professional Australian musicians: Brian Holloway - guitar (ex- “Dream”, “Image”, “Aesop’s Fables”, “Esperanto”); Gary Moberley - keyboards (ex- “Aesop’s Fables”); Les Gough - bass (ex- “Somebody’s Image”, “Heart'n'Soul”); Eric Cairns - drums (ex- “Somebody’s Image”, “Heart'n'Soul”, “Company Caine”, “Red Hot Peppers”). The band recorded one single on the Australian label “Havoc” and went to the UK. In England, the band recorded a new single, followed by a group of left Brian Holloway, Gary Moberley, Eric Cairns and the group disbanded. Already in England and Ronnie Wood was invited to their future group of musicians: Glen Turner (ex- “Wishbone Ash”) and drummer Terry Slade (ex- “Rennaisance”). Renamed the «Atlas» and signed a contract with “Reprise Records”, the band released a self-titled album and a single. Despite the praise of critics, the album quickly disappeared from view, and in 1974 the band split up…… 

Ronnie Charles – lead vocals 
Les Gough – bass, vocals 
Glen Turner – guitars, vocals 
Terry Slade — drums, percussion 

01. Making Music – 5:36 
02. Military Rag – 3:33 
03. The Knowing – 4:21 
04. Faces – 5:00 
05. Double Crossed – 2:56 
06. Rock And Roll Wizards – 3:07 
07. On We Go – 7:11 
08. Empty Shells – 3:49 
09. What You May Find – 4:15 
10. Are You Crying For Me Or You – 8:11  

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