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30 Aug 2016

Bakery “Rock Mass For Love ” 1971 + Bakery “Momento” 1972 Australia Prog Psych

Bakery “Rock Mass For Love ” 1971 Australia Prog Psych first Album 


Bakery’s debut album, Rock Mass for Love, was issued in August 1971 on Astor Records which, according to Australian rock music historian Ian McFarlane, had been recorded live at a Mass “held at St George’s Cathedral on 21 March 1971” and was “not indicative of the band’s style of progressive hard rock”. The group released two singles, “Bloodsucker” (February 1971) and “No Dying in the Dark” (July), before Mark Verschuer (Barrelhouse) replaced Davidson on vocals.“No Dying in the Dark” was a top ten hit on the Perth singles chart.The band’s influences were Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin …. 

Line-up / Musicians 

John Worrall / vocals, flute 
Tom Davidson / vocals, 
Mark Verschuer / vocals 
Eddie McDonald / bass 
Rex Bullen / keyboards 
Hank Davis / drums 

Songs / Tracks Listing 

A1 Entry Song “Trust in the Lord” 
A2 Kyrie Eleison 
A3 Prayer for Love and First Reading (1. Corinthians 13) 
A4 “Consider the Heavens” Based on Psalm 8 
A5 Dean Hazlewood Talks to the People 
A6 “Song for the Creed” 
A7 Prayer of the Church and the Intention of the Mass “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” 

B1 “The Great Thanksgiving” Words Based on Englich Series II by the Dean 
B2 “The Lord’s Prayer” 
B3 “Lamb of God” 
B4 Holy Communion Music 
B5 Blessing and Last Song “Do Your Really Care?” 

Bakery “Momento” 1972 Australia Prog Psych second album 


Bakery were an Australian progressive/hard rock band formed in Perth 1970. Bakery’s debut album Rock Mass For Love was issued August of 1971 on Astor records which, according to Australian rock music historian Ian McFarlane, had been recorded during a mass at St. George’s Cathedral in March of ‘71, and was not indicative of the band’s psychedelic hard rock. The Group released two singles “Bloodsucker” (Feb. 1971), and “No dying in the Dark” (July). “No Dying in the Dark was a top 10 hit on the Perth singles chart. The bands influences were Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin. 

One side is an excellent laid back jazzy progressive with some fine soloing. The other side is a mix of hard rock, boogie and rock and roll, all very typical of the Australian rock scene from this time, though not entirely satisfying. Some fine organ and guitar work can be heard throughout. ….. 

Yet another lost psych album, and yet another one of such that stands as a masterpiece. Bakery mixed not just light and heavy guitar psych, but also some soft keyboard psych too. The long opening track shows off their range wonderfully. Going forward, they alternate from beautiful softness and rockin’ heaviness, both to great effect. Going on through Side One, for instance, "Pete for Jennie” is a nice little piece, while then “Living With A Memory” opens with soft keys, and then breaks into heavy and dense psych with interludes. The singing is wonderful, the keys strange and well played, the guitar is just nailed. Excellent and highly recommended. …. 

Formed in Perth in 1970, this progressive rock outfit is generally regarded as one of the best of Australia’s early ‘70s underground bands. Bakery included ex-New Zealand Avengers’ rhythm section of Hank Davis (drums) and Eddie McDonald (bass) in their line-up, and their music blended hard rock and country with jazz, using complex arrangements. 

Their main strength was the variety of their music that could switch from gentle acoustic passages to booming heavy progressive assaults on the senses within the same song. Momento, which was released in 1971 on Australia’s Astor label (ALPS 1035) was the group’s second album, following the bizarre Rock Mass For Love (ALPS 1032), a live recording captured in a church. Rock journalist Ian McFarlane, writing in Freedom Train magazine, described the album as a European-influenced recording full of sprawling, moody progressive rock cuts like Faith To Sing A Song, the jazzy Living With A Memory and Holocaust. 

The track which really kills off any remaining brain cells isThe Gift, an eight-minute barrage of bombastic riffs written by guitarist Peter Walker, which also features some arse-kicking solos and swirling hammond organ in the vein of Deep Purple and Leafhound. For an underground band, Bakery actually achieved fairly reasonable success. Both their 45s were minor hits, and their Rock Mass For Love narrowly missed the Australian Top 20, and on the strength of this, was subsequently released by Decca in the US. …… 

Bakery is one of the forgotten psychedelic heavy prog bands coming from Australia from early '70’s. Originaly released in 1971 and re issued by Radioactive on CD 35 years later, this album has good and amost good moments. Graced with flute, organ and all ingredients an album must have in this style of music, quite tipycal for that period, Bakery manage to come with an enjoyble album, yet not quite very well balanced. the opening track Holocaust and Living With a Memory the best tracks from here and aswell the most lenghty , delivers a great heavy prog with psychedelic and jazzy arrangements, where the flude and keybords has good parts, aswell the guitar did a great job, vocal parts are ok even great in places. The rest of the pieces all clocking around 5-6 min are more rock orientated without that great atmosphere on thsose 2 piece mentioned above, quite directly and no big fancy elements are presented. Not very much to add, just , this album worth some spins, but is not something special, fans of Uriah Heep at some point, might give this album a try 3 stars, othing more nothing less, is not a must have album but some enjoyble parts are present here. ….. 

John Worrall (vocals, flute) 
Tom Davidson (vocals) 
Eddie McDonald (bass) 
Rex Bullen (keyboards) 
Hank Davis (drums) 

Songs / Tracks Listing 

Side 1: 

1. Holocaust 9:24 
2. Pete for Jennie 1:30 
3. Living With a Memory 8:52 

Side 2: 

1. S.S. Bounce 4:19 
2. The Gift 7:59 
3. When I’m Feeling 2:19 
4. Faith to Sing a Song 7:25 

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