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22 Aug 2016

Benny Soebardja & Lizard “Gimme a Piece of Gut Rock” 1977 Indonesia Psych Rock Private

Benny Soebardja & Lizard “Gimme a Piece of Gut Rock” 1977 Indonesia Psych Rock Private by an amazing artist…recommended 



Benny Soebardja "The Lizard Years" 1975-78

Beginning his music career in 1967, Benny Soebardja played with essential Indonesian bands including The Peels, Sharkmove and Giant Step. He is credited with bringing progressive rock to the Indonesian audience through privately releasing many of his albums without any creative limitations that come from a label. While playing with Giant Step in the ’70s, the band nearly missed a record deal with Virgin UK that would have introduced them to the international market. Instead, Benny Soebardja and his talents went unnoticed outside of Indonesia.

Originally released in 1977 on SM Recordings, Gut Rock was Soebardja’s second of three solo albums which was reissued by Strawberry Rain in 2012 for the first time. The album features intricate progressive compositions with backing by both Giant Step and Lizard. The LP is limited to a pressing of 500 copies. …..

“"The self-proclaimed founder of the private press scene, Benny Soebardja is one of the most important figures from the Indonesian music industry. Having been a member of bands such as The Peels, Shark Move and the infamous Giant Step, Benny left his mark across many memorable albums throughout the years, including his contributions to the recent Those Shocking, Shaking Days compilation on Now Again. Recorded in 1977, Gut Rock is Benny Soebardja’s second solo effort, an album that was released through the independent studio SM Recordings. Having been allowed unlimited studio time and creative freedom, Benny took 30 days to record Gut Rock, backed by both Giant Step & Lizard. With English lyrics penned with the help of Bob Dook, this is an incredible piece of music and a staple within Indonesian collectors’ circles. With multiple seven minute songs, Gut Rock not only contains beautiful song writing and harmonies, but also complex arrangements that will appeal to progressive collectors. An essential Indonesian rock album.” LP limited to 500 copies world-wide. …..

Ah, Gimmie a Piece of Gut Rock. Just the title alone is far out! Recorded in just 30 days — rumor has it that Benny was given unlimited studio time — the sound you get off Gimmie… is layered, at times complex, and not necessarily what one would expect coming off of Benny Soebardja & Lizard…but it works! It works so well in fact, that some collectors argue this to be his finest hour. While I personally don’t adhere to that opinion, it is nonetheless an epic ride and one definitely worth buying a ticket for. Hey, speaking of Lizard, guess who backed-up the noise on this effort? You got it! But what most people don’t know is that Benny also had help from some even older pals on this one, with Giant Step filling the gaps. ……

01. The Advantage of Music for Me
02. End of the World
03. Pensive
04. Circle of Love
05. Gut Rock
06. Young Widow

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