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8 Aug 2016

Blues Addicts “Blues Addicts “ 1970 Danish Psych, Garage, Heavy Blues Rock

Blues Addicts “Blues Addicts “ 1970 Danish Psych, Garage, Heavy Blues Rock


Released and recorded at the infamous “Spectator Records” this album is one of the most sought after obscure Danish records. Along with their label mates Moses and Terje, Jesper & Joachim they provided some of the greatest and most experimental music in early Danish rock history. Not as heavy as Moses, but as experimenting as Terje, Jesper & Joachim.

Blues Addicts picked up the trail that Young Flowers left when they disbaned, playing Hendrix/Cream inspired garage rock with lots of soul and trippy instrumental parts. The band consisted of Ivan Horn* (guitar & vocals), Gibber Thomsen** (vocals & bongos), Mich Brink (bass) and Henning Aasbjerg (drums).
Ivan Gimadeev Horn played guitar for C.V. Jørgensen and several other artists after Blues Addicts disbanded.
**Gibber Thomsen’s real name is Thorstein Thomsen.

This is an album that is very much worth listening to. It has some great jams and heavy pieces as well as bluesy vocals and groovy breakdowns. A must for all fans of Cream and Hendrix.
The album has later been reissued with an alternate cover. Several bootlegs are known to exist. ….

Music, which was created in the late sixties and early seventies in Scandinavian countries is almost virtually unknown or forgotten. In Europe, more attention was paid to make groups from the United States and the United Kingdom than from their own backyard. And has a lot of interesting things in Scandinavia, Italy and Germany. Only after years of many listeners discover these groups, which at the time enjoyed local popularity or entirely gone unnoticed. Currently,plates of these groups are among the most sought after by collectors.

Such is the plate of the Danish group Blues Addicts. About same band, virtually nothing is known except that he recorded an album for the Danish Spectator label who executed probably only 4 albums before everything was consumed by fire. Danish Spectator label: Terje, Jesper & Joachim (which we have just done on LP and CD), Moses, Days and the rarest of them all: Blues Addicts.

LP Blues Addicts (from my knowledge) did not appear on store shelves. Recordings survived only on acetate, or matrices from which have been, pressed vinyl records. The album has resumed (?) After many years of label Little Wing, and then Shadocks Music in limited quantities. You can tell that they have a sense the status of “originals”. The recording is a typical hard & heavy blues inspired dokananiami Cream and Jimi Hendrix. Musicians Blues Addicts are not only inept epigones. They put into music all his soul and energy. It is an absolute treat for all fans of the blues. Guitar work this is Ivan Horn really kicks ass with his extra-heavy guitar. As good as the heavy Cream songs, in parts as creative as Jimi Hendrix. The musical range and the guitar style is as good as the best early Eric Clapton work with the far out techniques of Jimi Hendrix. All their own compositions, long tracks, extra heavy guitar, English vocals & heavy drum sounds. Ivan Horn (guitars, vocals & kazoo), Mich Brink (bass), Gibber Thomsen (vocals & congas), Henning Aasbjerg (drums). If Spectator would have kept to rock music as their musical style instead of switching to jazz, those four bands would have been successful on the international rock circus.
Thx Nel for reminding me!……..

4/4 + 6/4 3:13
Ba-ba-dar 4:31
Bottleneck 3:45
Hailow 10:04
Jazzer 1:38
Simple Expression 4:06
Coward Way 3:48
Smukke 4:43

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