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24 Aug 2016

Broken Glass “Broken Glass “ 1975 UK Prog Blues Rock

Broken Glass “Broken Glass “ 1975 UK Prog Blues Rock featuring Stan Webb from Chicken Shack


1975. Creator of the group - guitarist / vocalist Stan Webb, leader of the group Chicken Shack (it was at this time a part of it broke up, and the other is not yet assembled) … Label EMI released the album, and then waved his hand at him (or whatever wave). Group and split up. Nor could she live a long time - there are too many good guitar players gathered at the same time … And the name of Broken Glass (“Broken Glass”) …….

This is a good album featuring Miller Anderson (Keef Hartley Band), Stan Webb (Chicken Shack), and Robbie Blunt, formerly of Silverhead, who later turned up during the early 80’s playing with Robert Plant.
With a three guitar attack, these guys had a great heavy blues rock sound. I would have thought this band would have gone on to bigger and better things, but due to managerial problems, the band eventually called it a day.
All the songs on this album are great rockers, and should be part of any respectable record collection, right alongside the likes of; Ten Years After, Humble Pie, Savoy Brown, Cactus, etc.
But one song, ‘It’s Evil’ puzzles me. Most people will recognize this song as a well known blues standard, along with being a song Cactus did on their album titled Restrictions. Only they called it 'Evil’, and gave credit to one C. Burnett for writing this classic, though Broken Glass credits 'Robbie Blunt and Stan Webb’ as the writers. In case you’re wondering, C. Burnett is none other than the great Howlin’ Wolf.

On a related side note, I’ve often wondered why so many bands failed to acknowledge the right person regarding credits. Possibly an oversight/error of the record company or management? Who knows, but this type of thing happened frequently in the rock world. Take the self titled LP by Stray Dog for instance…Snuffy Walden credited himself on the song 'Crazy’ aka 'Crazy Bout You Babe’…see Bloodrock as well, but at least they credited Cates/Garrett, the actual composers. Snuffy even had the balls to co-credit himself alongside Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) on Stray Dog’s cover of 'Chevrolet’.
It seems Mr. Page isn’t alone in the rock n roll plagiarism/song theft game… Dog Smiley discogs…..

Backing Vocals, Guitar — Miller Anderson
Bass Guitar — Rob Rawlinson
Drums — Mac Poole
Guitar, Slide Guitar — Robbie Blunt
Keyboards, Producer — Tony Ashton
Slide Guitar — Stan Webb
Vocals, Guitar, Guitar [Dobro] — Stan Webb


Standing On The Border 3:39
It’s Alright 3:38
Keep Your Love 4:40
Can’t Keep You Satisfied 5:18
Jersey Lightning 1:52
It’s Evil 3:46
Ain’t No Magic 5:13
Crying Smiling 3:52
Take The Water 5:40
Broken Glass 2:29

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