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7 Aug 2016

Charge ” Charge” 1973 UK Private Heavy Prog Rock

Charge ” Charge” 1973 UK Private Heavy Prog Rock


Another forgotten group. As a part of - serious people. For example, Alan Spenner and Neil Hubbard - both of “The Grease Band” and “Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs” - then playing “Kokomo” and “Roxy Music”, and another on the original album “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Ric Grech - from the “Family”, “Traffic” and “Blind Faith” - then solo and “KGB”. But the event is not the album became, was released a very small circulation and thus bought up. Album Cover - a cover of the book “Sevastopol Stories” Leo Tolstoy and music dedicated to the Crimean War of 1853-1856, just look here from England and Englishmen…….

Charge’s home-made LP of 1973 is the greatest lunatic heavy-rock private pressing of the ‘Progressive’ era. Virtually cliched in their stunnigly apt period self tormenting guitar excess and psych-hippie lyricism, Charge have the ultimate 'cool’ and 'happening’ underground credentials, man.

ccaisonall Hendrix-isms soon fall to the experimental idiosyncrasies that spring only from the genius of the British race (?). Swathes of Pink Floyd-esque - a la Motorhead - non music cut through the epic “Child of Nations” - Fractal psychedelia via “To My Friends”, violently twanging Guitars and so forth! ……..

Tapestry Of Delights:Here is another of those one-off studio bands who only did a few gigs to promote a hastily put together album, which in turn didn’t sell many copies. Still they did feature some well-known musicians:- Alan Spenner and Neil Hubbard were both ex-Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs; Ric Grech was ex-Family; Rosetta Hightower and Ian Green ex-Hightower; Mike Woods was ex-Eclection; Smiley De Jones was ex-Maggie Bell and Godfrey McLean was ex-Hummingbird. All but Grech, Green and McLean appeared on the album and the live line-up varied a little from the musos featured on their recordings. The album consists of a loud, blistering sonic attack that rarely relents. Half the recording is an extended piece called Child Of Nations. Spenner and Hubbard went on to Kokomo, Grech joined KGB, McLean joined Gonzales, Woods joined Swallow, Van der Bilt joined Elkie Brooks. Spenner and Hubbard were the first to jump ship being replaced by Andy Dalby who went on to Arthur Brown’s Kingdon Come. …….

Smiley De Jones — percussion
Ric Grech — violin, guitar, bass
Ian Green — keyboards
Rosetta Hightower — vocals
Neil Hubbard — guitar
Alan Spenner — bass
Godfrey McLean — drums
Lee Van Der Bilt — vocals, percussion
Mike Woods — guitar

01. Glory Boy — 4:03
02. To My Friends — 5:09
03. Rock My Soul — 3:48
04. Child Of Nations — 17:09 including:
a) Soldiers
b) Battles
c) Child Of Nations

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