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31 Aug 2016

Dando Shaft “An Evening With Dando Shaft“ 1970 UK Prog Folk debut album

Dando Shaft “An Evening With Dando Shaft“ 1970 UK Prog Folk debut album 


1970 debut album by legendary British group Dando Shaft. An essential, all acoustic folk-rock disc that stands up there with the top classics of the genre. 500 copies only, pressed on 180 gram vinyl including an insert with liners by Andy Morten…… 

On their first album, Dando Shaft came off as something like a more folk-oriented, yet also more hippie-oriented Pentangle. The percussive pulse of Roger Bullen’s bass in particular gave much of the material a rhythmic swing that helped it stand apart from traditional folk, as did original material based around images of nature: rain, wind, leaves, the dawn, flowers, the country, and so on. The singing and songwriting betrayed a notable debt to Bert Jansch, though with a more whimsical bent that Jansch usually allowed. Their greatest assets, certainly in terms of putting their own stamp on a sound that bore close resemblance to aspects of Pentangle (and, more distantly, the Incredible String Band), were the colors added by multi-instrumentalist Martin Jenkins’ mandolin, flute, and violin. As progressive folk that was pastoral in mood and not quite folk-rock, it was pleasant but ultimately not as distinguished or interesting as their unavoidable reference point, Pentangle. The Pentangle comparisons would if anything multiply when they added a female vocalist, Polly Bolton, for their next two albums. by allmusic…. 

In British intellectual folk-rock, in addition to the classics of the genre, with which, of course, are Steeleye Span, Pentangle and Fairport Convention, there were a lot of artists, creative way which turned out to be brief, but no less significant and interesting. One of these groups was Dando Shaft. 

Formed in Coventry in 1968, the ensemble was originally a purely male quintet consisting of two singing guitarists Dempsey Kevin (Kevin Dempsey) and Dave Cooper (Dave Cooper), a multi-instrumentalist Martin Jenkins (Martin Jenkins), bassist Roger Bullen (Roger Bullen ), and percussionist Ted Keya (Ted Kay). The name of the musicians have learned from the eponymous novel by English writer Don Calhoun (Don Calhoun), which was released in 1965. Dando Shaft often performed in small clubs in the UK and have been seen by agents a small record company. Soon the band was invited to work on their debut album. 

Drive «An Evening With Dando Shaft» went on sale in 1970 and was warmly received by critics and music and British folk community. The group began to compare with Pentangle, in the work of this formation was also progressive folk flavored jazz elements. A distinctive feature of Dando Shaft had a greater inclination to experiment freedom. In his works, they actively used both Western and Eastern rhythms and melodies. More efforts similar to the Pentangle, when Dando Shaft musicians moved to London and was invited as a singer Polly Bolton permanent member (Polly Bolton), which had previously sang with June Tabor (June Tabor). From now on the British folk firmament, along with Jacky McShane (Jacqui McShee), Shirley Collins (Shirley Collins), Sandy Denny (Sandy Denny) and Maddy Prior (Maddy Prior) shone even one star. 

The second work group - self-titled disc “Dando Shaft A” - was released in 1971, music critics have described as “the most competent folk-jazz album of the era.” Despite good reviews and a warm reviews about the first two plates, to achieve commercial success musicians Dando Shaft and failed. The third album «Lantaloon» 1972 is a bit worse than the previous ones in the team began “fermentation”, and after the release of the single «Sun Clog Dance», the group disbanded. Dempsey and Bolton duo organized and left for the US, and talented Martin Jenkins joined the Hedgehog Pie. 

A few years later, the musicians Dando Shaft again decided to get together and jointly in 1977 the album «Kingdom» was released - a magnificent example of a nontrivial British folk-rock. 

The years that followed, participants Dando Shaft appeared regularly on the musical horizon, taking part in various folk projects. In 1989 the group was re-assembled for a small week tour of Italy, resulting in a live album «Shadows Across the Moon», published in 1993. 

The impact of this remarkable team on the development of British folk-rock is undeniable. Musicians Dando Shaft used folk art native land, diluting it with elements of jazz, oriental rhythms, Balkan and American tunes. In their experiments, the group strongly ahead of time and brought folk-rock to a new level. …. 

Kevin Dempsey – Guitar, Vocals 
Martin Jenkins – Vocals, Flute, Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar 
Ted Kay – Tabla, Percussion 
Roger Bullen – Bass 
Dave Cooper – Guitar, Vocals 
Polly Bolton – Vocals 

An Evening With Dando Shaft, 1970 
Dando Shaft, 1971 
Lantaloon, 1972 
Kingdom, 1977 
Shadows Across the Moon, 1993 (live)

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