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19 Aug 2016

Dr. Dopo Jam “Entree” 1973 Danish jazz prog Denmark

Dr. Dopo Jam “Entree” 1973 Danish jazz prog Denmark 


Dr. Dopo Jam is an obscure Danish progressive who melt down a lot of influences into their blend. The opening track starts with a slightly Animals-like theme before sliding into a Motown-ish chorus and a guitar solo that sounds like it could be from a French psych group like Ame Son, Couer Magique, or Nyl. Dr. Dopo Jam cover a bewildering number of events on this, their second album. There are distinct fusion elements full of dynamic instrumental play and moments of doo-wap vocals that sound like a weird combination of Smokey Robinson, the Beach Boys and the Mothers of Invention. This type of stylistic pastiche reminds me of Supersister at their zaniest, and, probably their greatest overall influence, Frank Zappa. The results are always interesting and often spectacular, especially when the group lets it rip. Instrumentally, the group is all over the map - piano and violin duets, vocal choruses (with more than one lead vocalist), horn sections and more. Such a bizarre musical amalgam is well worth the trip, but believe me, this is unlike anything you might have heard. Well worth the find for fans of oddly original music, this is a feast for the ears. The one jam with the bizarre Xhol-like sax totally won me over. ….

Dr. Dopo Jam biography

This Danish band originated in Roskilde towards the ending of 1968 ? playing and utilizing a somewhat bizarre and sarcastic approach to both music making as well as stage antics. Kristian POMMER was the instigator of the group while at the same time handling keys, vocals and the guitar. Circling around crazy thematics and a wonderful sense of theatrics, POMMER handed over to Denmark what ZAPPA did to the English speaking world: fun music revolving around blues rock, jazz and psychedelia. Denmark was a hotbed for both psychedelic music as well as jazz, yet it was down to a couple of groups such as BURNIN RED IVANHO and SECRET OYSTER all of which were headed by saxophonist extraordinaire Karsten VOGEL ? and dear ol DR. DOPO JAM. Nobody would take the sporadic shifts, avant guarde tendencies and cut up experimentations as far as this band though.

Helping out in the original cast were Poul ?Skak? SNITKER on flute and trumpet, Lars RASMUSSEN on electric guitar, Sten UGLEBJERG on percussion and something as wonderfully zany as a washtub and last but not least Sten OLSEN wielding an earthy and infinitely bouncy bass.

In September 1969 the band went through some changes as UGLEBJERG was replaced with not one but two drummers in Niels ?Vejmand? CHRISTENSEN and Bent CLAUSEN. Olsen?s spot was handed over to a guy named Jesper HINDØ who was just as versatile as his predecessor. This edition of the band continued to experiment and build on the overt zany and eclectic sound ? only to yet again in 1972 rearrange the line up, now with the add on of trombone and saxophone. Kristian POMMER additionally handed over the vocal bits to singer Lars BISGÅRD.

Second outing Fat Dogs and Danishmen changed the overall expression of the band with a clearer and more orchestrated expression while at the same time holding onto the unique fire and quirky charm of the debut. On the sophomore though, they were infusing congas and a violin trio as well as the highly talented Wandy TWOREK as soloist.

DR. DOPO JAM dissolved in the month of May 1974 with most of the members continuing on different musical paths…..

An eclectic range of influences were fused into the mid-70s jazz-rock music of Doctor Dopo Jam. Inspired by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, the Denmark-based septet blended everything from Motown-style soul and post-bebop jazz to French psych-pop. Despite the absence of a traditional bass and drums rhythm section, the interplay of violin and a three-piece brass section gave Doctor Dopo Jam its unique sound. ……

A large and loose combo playing jazz-rock merged with humorous pastiches on most musical styles imaginable. Their goofy rock cabaret has similarities to Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention but is very idiosyncraticand quite entertaining. Vocalist Lars Bisgaard had previously played with Rainbow Band. ….

The Meaning of Life Christian Pommer reduced to a visually simple formula: the main thing - to inspire others and bring them joy. Actually, this future composer / producer began to study with the late sixties. Then, in the Danish town of Roskilde with a light hand, Christian formed a jazz band mambo Dr. Dopo Jam & His Khana Bees. Subsequently, the name podsokratili but ideological essence of the changes did not affect the group. The priorities were listed still drive, humor, recklessness, complexity and at the same time melodic instrumental delivery. All the music of the Pommer (piano, guitar, vocals, Moog) composed individually and convey fabrications leader to the listener helped vocalist Lars Bisgord, guitarist and violinist Lars Rasmussen, saxophonist / flutist Anders Gordmann, trumpeter / flutist / bassist Poul Snitker, vibraphonist Bent Clausen bassist and drummer Van Hansen Niels Christensen. Dr. debut album has been immortalized in a good solid company Dopo Jam - “Entrée” (1973).
Action offers multilevel 25-minute epic “Opening ‘Hello’”. As a constructive basis appears not even composite foundation (for stylistic feints are surprisingly variegated), but rather the emotional fireworks. Scandinavian discretion passes before the pressure of brass jazz, “hippie” chips are replaced with mid-tempo fusion-prog extraordinary softness, riotous parody of the rock 'n’ roll swept frank “zappanutymi” maxims with an abundance of wind (including the exquisite flute inlay), detailed prescription vibrafonicheskimi lace, unison sounding guitar part and the total schizoid happening. What is interesting, artistic craziness immense perceived track without any problems, and the author’s imagination in a good Christian envy: not everyone is able to withstand Progressor in the framework of integrity as a mosaic substance. Clockwork funk “Samelam-Samelam” - a kind of calling card of the ensemble; it was under his freedom-loving youth Christiania was delayed at the club get-togethers. Cuban rhythms live well with jazz and avant-garde polyphony swoops in “Entrees” context dumb number. Fusion-sketch “Spring-Time-Summer-Theme” shows the ingenuity of certain passages in the seemingly traditional foreign keys; and the occasional (at the level of two or three cycles) tonal similarities with the mood of introspective phase Camel'ovskoy “Lady Fantasy” is another opportunity for happiness. Elegiac, excellent singing in respect of miniature “In the Morning” - a balm for the soul of the fan 'Canterbury’; rare charm thing. But the final Burlesque “Desserts: Forest-Flower-Picking-Preludium” c choral jokes a la Samla Mammas Manna puts many places. After Dr. Dopo Jam in the first attraction, and then everything else.
To sum up: one of the best jazz-prog releases 1970. We strongly recommend to anyone who fancies himself a music lover…….

Line-up / Musicians

- Jesper Hind?/ bass
- Kristian Pommer / rhythm guitar, piano, vocals, writing, arrangements, compositions
- Ethan Weisg?rd / percussion, congas
- Niels “Vejmand” Christensen / drums
- Bent Clausen / drums, vibraphone, percussion
- Lars Rasmussen / guitar
- Jorgen Knudsen / lead guitar
- Lars Rasmussen / lead guitar on “Desserts: Flower-Picking-Prelude”
- Lars Bisg?rd / lead vocals
- Anders G?rdmand / saxophone, flute
- Skak Snitker / trumpet, trombone, sound effects, writing on “Desserts: Flower-Picking-Prelude”

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Opening (25:04)
a) Opening “HELLO”
b) Essentia I, Sanquine
c) Essentia II, Choleric
d) Essentia III, Melancholic
e) Essentia IV, Phlegmatic
f ) Qvinta Essentia: VITA
g) Heart-Theme, Solaria
h) Brain-Theme, Lunaria
i) Liver-Theme, Jupiter
j) Kidney-Theme, Venus
k) VI: The Complete Pentagram
2. Samelam-Samelam (4:10)
3. Entrees (3:54)
4. Spring-Time-Summer-Theme (3:55)
5. In the Morning (2:01)
6. Desserts: Flower-Picking-Prelude (7:29)

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