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12 Aug 2016

Eric Burdon & War (feat. J. Hendrix) “ Live at Ronnie Scott’s Club” London 16-09-1970 complete recording

Eric Burdon & War (feat. J. Hendrix) “ Live at Ronnie Scott’s Club” London 16-09-1970 complete recording.

feat. Jimi Hendrix…


Eric Burdon and War at Ronnie Scott`s Live 16 September 1970 London

Eric Burdon - vocals
Jimi Hendrix - guitar
Howard Scott - guitar
Dee Allen - percussion
Harold Brown - drums
B.B.Dickerson - bass
Lonnie Jordan - organ & piano
Charles Miller - sax & flute
Lee Oskar - harmonica

Recorded on a Philips C-90 cassette by Bill Baker using a Sony TC-100A portable cassette recorder and a Sony handheld dynamic microphone. There are a couple of big drop-outs on the master that couldn’t be repaired. These are later damage to the original cassette (which by now is 40 years old) as they are not audible on the Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window -bootleg LP. Unfortunately the sound quality of the bootleg LP and the old incomplete tape copies is so much worse than that of the master transfer that patching was not a possibility. The taper did make several copies of the original cassette on reel to reel during the 70s, hopefully one day one of these will surface…..

This is the complete existing recording of Eric Burdon & War’s concert at Ronnie Scott’s Club in London September 16th, 1970. The Show consisted of two sets. The Taper however unfortunately only had a C-90 cassette, so he flipped the cassette over, and recorded the last part of the concert over the first, thereby forever losing the start of the recording. Although lossy, as it’s sourced from a wma-transfer of the master tape, this version of the recording is still vastly superior to other currently circulating versions. It’s also considerably longer, and includes notably more music. As for the two tracks that feature Hendrix, “Blues For Memphis Slim” (incl.“Mother Earth”) is now 8 minutes longer than before, and “Tobacco Road” is more than 9 minutes longer. Apart from a few (presumably) minor cuts, this recording features Hendrix’s last public performance in it entirety. ….

1st set:

101. Gun
102. Paint It Black medley
103. Spill The Wine
104. Mystery Train

2nd set:

201. Gun
202. Paint It Black medley
203. Blues For Memphis Slim (incl.Mother Earth) - with Jimi Hendrix
204. Tobacco Road - with Jimi Hendrix

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Cassete Deck

Cassete Deck