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26 Aug 2016

Genfuoco “Dentro l'invisibile” 1979 Italy Prog Rock

Genfuoco “Dentro l'invisibile” 1979 Italy Prog Rock excellent album 


Genfuoco are an Italian prog band that was formed in 
Tuscany in the early seventies. 
The members of the band were linked to the Gen Movement, 
a Christian movement founded in 1967 by Chiara Lubich 
to promote among young people from all over the world a 
peaceful revolution able to change the hearts first and then 
to change society bringing everywhere the spirit of the gospels. 
Genfuoco started playing covers of other bands linked to 
the Gen Movement like Gen Rosso but later they managed 
to shape their own sound writing original songs in a 
progressive rock style that could remind of bands like 
PFM, BMS or LE ORME, with a good use of flute and sax. 

They had a good live activity all over Europe in the 
“Genfest circuit” and, after a self-produced demo-tape 
called “Antichi confini”, in 1979 they released an interesting 
album for the Catholic label Città Nuova, “Dentro l'invisiblie” 
(Inside the invisible). 

The album was prevalently distributed through Catholic 
bookshops and almost completely “out of market”. 
Luckily the independent record label Mellow Records 
re-released the album on CD in 1992. 

On the whole this is a very good album that deserves 
to be re-discovered by Italianprog lovers… 

Genfuoco released this album on the Citta Nuova label in 1979 before disbanding the following year; they subsequently reformed in 2000 and then brought out an album of live recordings from the late ‘70s. Dentro L'Invisibile was reissued on cd by Mellow Records in 1992, but it’s a bit of a rarity these days and it has taken me the last two years to find a copy. Despite the poor sound quality it was well worth the wait. Genfuoco was a 6-piece band so there’s plenty of variety in the instrumentation although the general mood is mellow and acoustic. The music blends folk, jazz and symphonic to good effect and features extensive instrumental passages, with vocals being used quite sparingly. Singer Marco Borgogni isn’t as flashy as some of his countrymen but his voice is well suited to the subdued nature of the majority of the album. Fellow Italian bands Delirium and Il Volo are the most obvious influences, although there are also hints of Camel, Pink Floyd, and to a lesser extent Santana. 

The album starts with OUVERTURE, an instrumental piece with two main movements that are separated by a brief fast section. Both main movements are quite spacey and the second part features a tranquil cornet and sax duet. It’s a nice intro to the album and sets the mood for the songs that follow. The first of these is DELLA TANA that has a folk feel thanks to its catchy recorder motif, although it also features bowed double bass and a nice synthesizer line. Some songs are instantly memorable whereas others, such as the structurally complex TRASPARE, require several listens to fully appreciate. This track is a bit frustrating because it features what might be Mellotron-choir, but it’s barely audible due to the aforementioned sound problems. 

The 2-part TERRA PROMESSA features the first upbeat moment on the album, with its joyous flute melody, fizzing guitar and Latin percussion. GALASSIE is another track that highlights the inferior quality of the production with some intrusive hisses in the vocals. Fortunately these don’t stop it being arguably the best song of the set, with its spacey sax and Solina/Mellotron intro giving way to carefree guitar and synthesizer exchanges. The tender acoustic ballad LA SERENATA DEL FIUME and the Pink Floyd-inspired title-track, which even includes some female vocals in the vein of Clare Torry, complete what is a fine album. In a nutshell, one of the lesser-known RPI gems that’s only slightly marred by some dodgy production. by prog archives… 

Here is one of those hidden treasures that all Prog fans dream of finding. Loads of great 70’s Italian prog with great vocals (Italian lyrics) and superb song writing. GENFUOCO deliver at times a mood and sound not unlike early PINK FLOYD (Meddle -era) and PFM’s (Storia Di Un Minuto). Several tracks are simply outstanding and deserve to be heard by the world. … by prog archives… 

Attention Italian prog lovers : this is a gem ! A one album only band… and what an album. Concept album based on a voyage in the mind (from the little Italian I understand). The music is more on the prog-folk side with some fusion touches. The sax and flutes give a very interesting touch to the music as well. Hard to give other band names as the music is quite unique. Buy this treasure if you can find it ! The record was re-issued by Mellow Records. … 
.. by prog archives… 

Here is another one of those one-shot wonder RPI bands that came, saw and vanished without any adulation or even criticism. Proof again how amazing and prolific the scene really was back in the glory days and how deeply it had affected Italian musical culture! Genfuoco’s Dentro L'Invisible is a standout piece of 1979 music recorded at a time when progressive rock was writhing in its global death throws, a heady mix of expansive symphonics, dedicated jazzier elements (the sulfuric presence of saxophone, flute and upright bass) and inherent classicisms. The soothing strains of “Ouverture” certainly does that grandly, a precious instrumental tryst where the rumbling bass and terrific drumming install a moody platform on which acoustic guitar, synths, sax and restrained electric axe phrasings are all washed in a luxuriating Floydian bath where the jazzy bubbles caress the soul. “Dalla Tana” introduces vocals in typical RPI fashion, expressive and complex, piano leading the way with support from the heady saxophone, more cavalry provided by the ornate flute and contemplative excursions into a folk meets fusion realm where all instrumentalists can express their craft without presumption or arrogance. “Traspare” promises even deeper intrusions into the pastoral and bucolic, a bit like a gentle summer breeze discreetly epic and when the rowdy sax kicks in, we are in RPI heaven! The guitar overtakes the theme and zips in a parallel direction, ebbing and flowing majestically. The fragile vocals offer even more articulacy to the breathless peace, slumbering goose bumps galore and effervescent mood swings into jazzier environments. This is another one of those “Sunday morning as the sun wakes” kind of discs, not too challenging or outright soporific but certainly euphoria inducing . “Terra Promessa” is a 6 minute 2 part mini-epic that perpetuates the frail beauty of their undemanding craft, but it becomes obvious that the liner notes and hence the title order are all wrong. Okay, “va bene” because the next piece is a cosmic stunner, “Galassie”(Galaxies) is a riveting journey full of pulsating passion , featuring propelling bass and drums, excellent vocals, cool guitar phrasings, coherent piano and searching flute. Brooding music that aims to please. “La Serenata del Fiume” is a classic RPI ballad, at home with the Celeste, PFM, Errata Corrige pastoral genre, with superlative vocals courtesy of Marco Borgogni and fine female background vocals. The title track ends this short CD (this tendency for under 40 minutes is my only peeve with classic RPI!) on a positive note a resplendent expedition into symphonic progland with groove-induced contemplation, lead guitarist Paolo di Luca getting to flesh out his inspiration with added passionate male vocalizing and female scat singing. This is not an absolute must have but a definite strong addition to RPI addicts who need their fix to be continuously creative. Place this between other one shot gems Samadhi and Maxophone, but with a definite folkier stance. Beautiful understated artwork seals the deal . 4 invisible fires …. by prog archives… 

Line Up 

- Marco Brogogni / lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar 
- Tarcisio Bratto / acoustic guitar, sax 
- Franco Cecchi / keyboards, synths 
- Giovanni de Luca / bass 
- Paolo de Luca / guitars 
- Marco Naldini / drums, percussion 

Songs / Tracks Listing 

1. Ouverture (6:12) 
2. Della tana 4:01) 
3. Traspare (6:27) 
4. Terra Promessa - parte I e II (6:37) 
5. Galassie (7:04) 
6. La Serenata Del Fiume (3:56) 
7. Dentro L'Invisibile (5:11)

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