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28 Aug 2016

Great Jones “All Bowed Down !” 1970 US Hard Rock Blues

Great Jones “All Bowed Down !” 1970 US Hard Rock Blues 


Soulful Hard Blues Rock something reminds me of the band Frijid Pink "United State Of Mind" and “Idaho Potatoes” are the highlight of the album!!With only one highly collectible 1970 album to their credit, Great Jones, as the liner notes to their LP declared, was an odd combination. This hard driving rock and blues trio featured Billy Cadieux, a fiery jazz-loving guitar player, ex-folky bassist and gutsy lead vocalist, David Tolmie and blues-breaking drummer, Gary Kollarus. This Brooklyn based band became part of the scene revolving around legendary R&B producer, Jerry Ragavoy’s Hit Factory Studios in New York City, which is where they met up with keyboardist and songwriter, Jeff Gutcheon. Then an apprentice at the Hit Factory, Gutcheon had worked extensively with Geoff and Maria Muldaur and not only contributed piano and organ tracks to Great Jones’ album sessions, but also penned the title song, “AllBowed Down.” “The sleevenotes to this album tell us: ‘Great Jones is an odd combination; a jazz-loving guitarist; a blues-freaking drummer; and an ex-folk singing bassist.’ Well, the end result is a funk/blues album with at least three decent tracks. The first is opener Cripple Creek, with its bouncy bass notes and sharply accentuating drum beats. Superimposed on this are Cadieux’s catchy acoustic guitar riffs. The second is the title cut, a funky piano-driven number. Also of note is I Ain’t Got Long, on which Cadieux contributes some delicate blues guitar which blends well with Tolmie’s gutsy vocals. An average album, overall, though.”

Billy Cadieux - guitar, vocals
David Tolmie - bass, lead vocals
Gary Kollarus - drums
Guest: Jeff Gutcheon - keyboards

1.Cripple Creek 2:11
2.Finding My Way 3:08
3.United State of Mind 6:32
4.You Don’t Know Nothin’ About Love 4:47
5.All Bowed Down 3:20
6.Idaho Potatoes 3:00
7.Leaving Trunk 3:23
8.I Ain’t Got Long 5:14
9.Leaving California 3:28 

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