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11 Aug 2016

Häxmjölk “Eskimo Heat” 1976 Swedish jazz Funk Fusion

Häxmjölk “Eskimo Heat” 1976 Swedish jazz Funk Fusion


One of exactly one million funky fusion albums coming out of Europe around this time, seemingly influenced heavily by “Headhunters” era Herbie Hancock. Clavinet, sax, guitar and piano lead the solos, while the funky bass drives the rhythms. Only exception is the emotional jazz/rock piece ‘The Despirator’ - clearly the album’s highlight.

Line Up:
Bass – Guy Roellinger
Drums – Malando Gassama
Engineer – Janne Hansson
Guitar – Jan Tolf
Keyboards – Harald Svensson
Percussion – Jan Tolf, Malando Gassama
Producer – Christer Eklund
Saxophone [Soprano, Tenor] – Lennart Åberg

Tracks Listing:
A1 Eskimo Heat 11:30
A2 The Despidator 6:30
B1 Ponkie Ponkie 8:00
B2 Flower Of Eternity 3:35
B3 Funky Roots 4:50

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