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25 Aug 2016

Heratius “‎Gwendolyne” 1978 France Experimental,Prog Avant Garde Private

Heratius “‎Gwendolyne” 1978 France Experimental,Prog Avant Garde Private 


Quite an interesting album. This album is a fantastic under the radar avant-prog gem from France. It's real out there, just a really strange album. Heratius play all over the place, from really relaxed tracks to spastic jams, the whole album is a real non sequitur. It's just a beautiful kind of nonsense that makes for a great listen. The group is immensely underrated if you ask me, France just never seems to get as much credit as it should for being home to a lot of amazing musicians. All in all this is an off the rails prog gem that I would definitely suggest checking out. 

Spiritual successor to Fille Qui Mousse. Same kind of reckless anarchy in the studio. Spoken word, clarinet solos, piano, sustain fuzz guitar solos. Extremely deep underground music and VERY French. Have to possess an understanding of this style to truly appreciate. The AYAA label is another reference. Most albums on the do-it-yourself FLVM label aren't this experimental. Too out for me, but not unlistenable like some in the genre. 


A1 Tajmahalcoco
A2 Gwendo Blues
A3 Gwendo Electrochoc
A4 Rose Bonbon Est Une "O" En Boite
A5 M'…… Perkutard
B1 Les Pelouses (En Allegro)
B2 Le Vieil Homme Et Nephertiti
B3 Intro A Blackcook 

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