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10 Aug 2016

Jarvo Runga “Demo-Disc” 1972 US Private Garage Psych Rock

Jarvo Runga “Demo-Disc” 1972 US Private Garage Psych Rock


Privately issued in LP format demos and the amount of only 100 copies from an unknown garage band from the town of Chatham (NJ). The album was recorded artisanal sometimes creates the impression that it is made somewhere in the back yard of a private home, but the sound was pretty good. On the disc, underground psychedelic rock, with country and hippie influences played by the type of songs that played the same lost US-Canadian groups as «Shadrack Chameleon» or «Oliver Klaus», with rough vocals, some dual singing and decent, free rhythm-guitar solos. The songs are all original; authorship of texts, music and arrangements of the duo belongs McCormick - Caroselli. On the origin of the plate eloquent testimony and her vestments in a simple cardboard sleeve that says the group’s name and release the marker by hand, even easier - with the number and a print of a rubber stamp with the name of the group - decorated “penny” side of the vinyl disk on the back of an envelope at all glued sheet A4 paper with scarce and uncertain (probably because of some damage or flooding) the output of the recording. Multiple instances of the demo album were sent to radio stations to play songs in the air, in order to attract the attention of a record label in order to conclude a contract with the group, but no results have not brought these actions, and hope the musicians did not materialize. It is also assumed that the majority of instances plates were melted down during the scarcity of vinyl in the 70s, which gave a chance to become one of the records of the rarest of psychedelic rock albums of all time.

Ken Caroselli - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Kyle McCormick - lead guitar, lead vocals, piano
Don Carey - bass
Gary Carluccio - drums, cowbell, backing vocals

01. Long Walk Home 2:43
02. You Called Me Out 2:48
03. Alone 3:26
04. Baby I Need 3:20
05. Nothin’ Left 3:55
06. I Know She’s Mine 1:51
07. Hey Girl 3:34
08. Rock And Roll Time 3:08

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