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30 Aug 2016

Jimi Hendrix “Live at the Los Angeles Forum” 4-25-70 bootleg

Jimi Hendrix  “Live at the Los Angeles Forum” 4-25-70  bootleg 100 greatest bootleg of all time
Urban legend has it that bootlegger Rubber Dubber would have a truck outside the concert hall to record the records they released, with Jimi Hendrix’s Live at the Los Angeles Forum and the Rolling Stones’ European boot being two of their more famous efforts before allegedly getting busted. In a world where the Grateful Dead and Phish decided to give live music away to perpetuate their respective myths, and Frank Zappa’s “beat the boots” campaign no doubt inspired Experience Hendrix to legitimize these recordings on their own imprint, the last vestiges of ‘70s bootlegs became collector’s items and exciting gray-area treasures. The sonic quality here is not very impressive, but the performance is great. Side three is titled on the disc label as if “Room Full of Mirrors” is the one long jam on the side, but “Hey Baby/New Rising Sun” and “Freedom” are part of the mammoth jam, along with a drum solo. Glimpses of what would become The Cry of Love album are here (indeed, Rubber Dubber published the first version of “Brown Sugar,” available from the aforementioned Rolling Stones double disc they issued). This disc was also released on Munia, catalog #M1622, as happens with boots – other underground distributors repackage and keep the sounds in circulation. There’s a very cool “Star Spangled Banner”/“Purple Haze” 11-minute medley, close to eight minutes of “Voodoo Child,” and over 77 minutes of Jimi Hendrix. The title, six dollar price, and Rubber Dubber logo are rubber-stamped on the blank white cardboard cover. A real artifact from the day. …by allmusic…..
imi’s sublime LA Forum 1970 show has been making the rounds in record stores on this boot cd released last month. Obviously someone ripped of a fan’s painstaking work to merge the “far” and “near” source, pressed it up on some silvers, made some nice artwork based on the original “Enjoy Jimi Hendrix” Coca-Cola motiff bootleg and is charging $25 a pop. No money to Jimi’s family or a legit record label, just pure profit, pure ripoff. So here it is for free, to be shared and enjoyed, as Jimi would have wanted. Nice merge here, this is not a soundboard but Jimi’s guitar almost sounds like it was patched in at times, it’s that clear. His vocals less so, and Billy’s bass and Mitch’s drums even less!!! What to say about this show, it’s spectacular!!! The band is well rehearsed for the fist show of the tour, and what balls to start in LA, but they come through. The “far” source is exactly that, but sounds less so in the merge. The near source is lifted from the Rubber Dubber bootleg of the show…somehow the two compliment each other. Hats off to the original fan who merged these!. ……..
A1 Spanish Castle Magic 5:11
A2 Foxy Lady 4:00
A4 Getting Your Brothers Shoes Together 2:40
A4 Getting My Heart Back Soon 9:24
B1 Star Spangled Banner And Purple Haze 11:00
B2 Voodoo Child 7:56
C Room Full Of Mirrors 20:22
D1 Message To Love 4:30
D2 Easy Rider 2:53
D3 Machine Gun 9:58 

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