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12 Aug 2016

Jónas Einar “Gypsy Queen”1972 Iceland Psych folk Rock

Jónas Einar “Gypsy Queen”1972 Iceland Psych folk Rock…recemmended..!


One of my favourite album from iceland scene..Einar (songwriter) and Jonas (singer) came from Iceland to Sweden, where this album was made ca are welcome to share knowledge/reviews in comments. Gypsy women! the real heartbreakers ;) ……

Gypsy Queen is one of those prog rock white whales – an album originally released in Europe in very small numbers that took on a life of its own and became a highly sought-after item. The musicians themselves were from Iceland, and the album was put out by Swedish label Parlophone in 1972, though it’s been treated to a variety of re-releases since (some of which have dubious legality).

I’m not much for prog rock in general, but Jónas og Einar successfully blended in some folk, maybe a little psych, and some decent rock to create something enjoyable. Admittedly, it sounds like something that would have been playing in my parent’s van during a late 1970s road trip, but it’s held up because, frankly, it’s just plain good. The surprisingly heavy use of flute gives it it’s own identity (OK, there’s Jethro Tull too, but still…), and the guitar work is quite good, all if it probably coming together best on the album’s title track “Gypsy Queen.” With all the vocals in perfect English, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was an American/Canadian group.

Jónas (Jonsson) and Einar (Vilberg) harmonize well together, perhaps nowhere more so than on “See The Sun,” in that tradition of some of the other 70s greats like Simon & Garfunkel and Crosby, Stills & Nash, and musically they have a bit of the feel of the later as well. Pretty songs, well played and sung, about freedom and love – it doesn’t get much more early 70s than that (though I have to say that “Music Forest” is just a terrible song… sorry guys). Gypsy Queen was officially re-released on both vinyl and CD, so it can be had again at a reasonable price, so if you’re into the singer-songwriter kind of deal, check ’em out……

Jónas R. Jónasson (vocals, flute, accordion, percussion)
Einar Vilberg Hjartarson (vocals, guitars)
Timmy Donald (drums, congas)
Sigurdur Arnason (bass)

A1 On A Riverboat
A2 Sweet Lady
A3 I Just Want Your Love
A4 A Song For Christine
A5 Gypsy Queen
A6 Look At All Those People
B1 Freedom For Our Lovin’
B2 See The Sun
B3 Music-Forest
B4 How Can We Know God Is Real?
B5 Lucky Day
B6 Gypsy Queen

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..