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29 Aug 2016

Kerrs Pink “Mellom Oss” 1981 Norway Prog Rock

Kerrs Pink “Mellom Oss” 1981  excellent  Norway Prog Rock ..recommended..! reissued  in  CD with extra bonus tracks.


The opener for the CD release of Kerrs Pink’s second album “Mellom Oss” is in fact the track “Mellom Oss”. The original vinyl LP release started with “Trostevise” (“Comforting Tune). If you compare these two versions of the tune "Mellom Oss”, you will find an added theme for the re-recorded CD version.No doubt the CD version has a better sound and mix. This tune offers you symphonic rock coupled with some Greek sounding folk! Harald’s guitar sounds like a lasar cutting sharply and alight through the dark sky! …..

In August 1980 Tore Johansen left the Kerrs PINK, feeling he needed a break, followed a little later by Terje Solaas, which was offered a job away from the area that the band was leased. The band found a new drummer in Tore Fundingsrud, while they had also built his own studio in the barn Harald Lytomt in Trømborg. In this barn was recorded her new disc recorded in 4 channels between September and November 81, released in Pottittskiver in autumn of the year under the heading “Mellom Oss”.

This was definitely an upgrade for the premiere, with a well-structured disk and slightly melodic Progressive Rock Symphonic CAMEL in line with a more developed sound, like German bands like ROUSSEAU or ANYONE’S DAUGHTER. Again the centerpiece of the work is the guitar Harald Lytomt, which now offers series of melodic solos and impressive melodies, definitely in a more consistent performance than “Kerrs Pink”, his first album. Some nice vibes Folk with the use of acoustic guitars and a couple of more melancholic songs with a Scandinavian feel appearing on some tracks, led by the parties violates guest Tormod Gangflot. All the vocals are nice, sung in Norwegian, and there is more room for some good keyboard textures, though these are still at a secondary level. The greatest achievement of the group was the addition of a good Epic range of 17 minutes duration. “Mens tiden Forgar” which is very soft and melodic in an atmosphere of Sinfonic Rock with excellent vocals, Folk tones with acoustic sounds and flute units à la CAMEL and many electric guitar outbursts, based on soft soils, with passages of vintage organs.

The Musea reissue of the CD comes with a bonus six extra tracks, five of which are new, almost in a similar vein album tracks. The style remains a relaxed and very melodic progressive rock, always with the guitar in evidence. ….

Vinyl version:
- Harald Lytomt / guitars, flute
- Jostein Hansen / bass, guitars, vocals
- Halvard Haugerud / keyboards, bass, vocals
- Tore Fundingsrud / drums
- Trond Bøhn / keyboards, guitar contributed on two tracks before he quit.
- Kirsten Hognestad Bøhn / vocals
- Lars-Thore Lande / bass
- Trygve Lahn / violin
- Chris Dankel, family and friends (hand claps and chorus)

CD version:
- Harald Lytomt / guitars, flute
- Jostein Hansen / bass, guitars, vocals
- Tore Fundingsrud / drums
- Per Øyvind Nordberg / Keyboards, chorus
- Halvard Haugerud / lead vocals re-recorded
- Tormod Gangfløt / viola
- Tore Johansen / chorus

1. Mellom Oss / Between Us (5:36)
2. Tröstevise / Comforting Tune (2:56)
3. Tröstevals / Comforting Waltz(1:02)
4. Östenfor Ord / East of Words (6:06)
5. Hvem snakker til meg? / Who’s Speaking To Me (5:29)
6. Elegi / Elegy (3:17)
7. Mens Tiden Forgar / While Time Fades Away (17:17)
a. Dråper / Drops
b. Haven / The Garden
c. Adams sang / Adam’s Song
d. Fallet / The Fall
e. Evas Sang / Eve’s Song
f. Mens Tiden Forgår / While Time Fades Away
g. Etterspill / Aftermath
Bonus tracks:
8. Marius / Marius (3:16)
9. Parademarsj for Jubilanter / Parade March for Jubilants (1:40)
10. Den Siste Russ / The Last of the Sixth Formers (2:36)
11. Hyllest til Olga / Ode to Olga (3:00)
12. Trömborg Samba / Trömborg Samba (3:27)
13. Fredsmarsjen / Marche de la Paix (3:15)

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