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7 Aug 2016

Kissing Spell “Los Pajaros” 1970 Chile Psych Rock

Kissing Spell “Los Pajaros” 1970 Chile Psych Rock Arena label


Reissue of one of the best and most sought after South American psych albums (1970), remastered from the original stereo master tapes.

it’s a West-coast styled introspection from Chile, more akin to We All Together (if you need another South American reference point) at times than anything else.

Well-crafted songs with an attractive dreamy quality enhanced by spacey effects, occasional bursts of well-handled fuzz guitar, and strong harmonies; sticker text likens it to the Zombies “Odyssey & Oracle”… Includes Kissing Spell’s up-tempo track ‘Yellow Moon’, which was on Latin American “Love Peace and Poetry” compilation; most tracks in English, with a couple of exceptions…….

Made back then in South America, along with Traffic Sound Virgin, Laghonia and Aguaturbia Evol. This record contains beautiful melodic compositions, killer fuzz leads peppering the disc, a superb dreamy atmosphere and great drifty vocals (mostly in English).

This record has been reissued in Europe several times before but sadly they were taken from old copies in mono, and both companies didn’t notice that the original Background edition was in fact STEREO and first time it came out like that!
When I originally made the deal for this reissue in the 90’s with the owner of the Arena label, Camilo Fernandez, he passed me the original master tapes. When it was pressed, members of KISSING SPELL, Guillermo Olivares and Carlos Fernandez, couldn’t believe their ears when it came out as the original vinyl issued in 1970 was only ever pressed in mono which due to a budget was never issued in Stereo.

This stereo recording taken from the masters captures this LP perfectly with all the rich deep textures and stereo picture intact (missing from the mono versions).
If you didn’t get this LP the first time, here it is again in an edition of 350 copies worldwide, pressed on 180 gram vinyl and printed on heavy card with polythene inner bags.


Release Date: August 11th 2014 ……

Kissing Spell Chilean experimental group, one of the first to play in the style of rsychedelic fusion.Nachinali & play format trio- Carlos Fernandez, Juan Carlos Tato Gomez and Ernesto Murillo.Pozzhe become quintet taking two keyboardists of Aracena and Ernesto Guillermo Olivares. We rehearsed at the Institute of Applied Psychology and the support of the father of Carlos Fernandez, Camilo Fernandesa got a contract with Arena.Ih work was heavily influenced by the classics and poets Huidobro Bacquer.Peli in English and Spanish yazykah.V 1970 released the album Los Pajaros.Posle this changed its name to Embrujo and broke, leaving us an invaluable legacy, because this album is a true gem of Chilean rock. …..

Line Up:
Carlos Fernandez Lorenzen- vocals, drums, guitar
Juan Carlos Tato Gomez- vocal, bass
Ernesto Murillo- guitar
Ernesto Aracena- organ, flute, vocal
Guillermo Olivares- piano, flute, vocal

001. Los Pajaros (07:44)
002. Yellow Moon (02:15)
003. Gente (03:08)
004. In This World (03:12)
005. Valle Del Tiempo (02:36)
006. Cerraron Sus Ojos (02:16)
007. Tears Of A Chord (04:30)
008. Jim And The Blind Man (02:08)
009. Sueρo O Realidad (02:42)
010. Shotgun’s World (02:23)
011. Muchacha Dorada (03:42)

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